TensionCalc 1.3

Freeware Knitting/Crochet calculator

A free, simple and handy tool for quickly converting given
Stitches & Rows to Centimetres & Inches, and vice versa.




First enter the stitches & rows needed for a 4inch / 10cm Tension Square. This is necessary for all conversions.

Make appropriate selection.

Make appropriate selection.
Enter required units, then click Calculate.
Results can be copied to the clipboard with a brief note of tool sizes & materials used for future reference.

Fractions may be entered if you are converting inches or centimetres to stiches or rows.
*Fractional results can then be rounded up or down as appropriate.

No need to install, just
double-click the file
TensionCalcx.exe to run the program.

DOWNLOAD (zip. 143kb)

Windows 98\98se\NT\XP
ŠKatzmiff. Updated Apr. 2007

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