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Windows 95/98/200/XP/NT4


Resolution 800x600& higher

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12 Spreads with user customisable
Position Meanings and Card Meanings


Full 37card deck or 24card reduced deck (Different card meanings for deck choice)

Extra cards dealt with all spreads (Spare cards for clarifying cards/reading. Max. 8 )

All cards dealt face-down or face-up

No reversed cards. (For divination via Positions)

Choice of 3 card backs.
Printout of Spread, Position meanings & Card meanings. (Use A4 paper)
3 cards, 5 cards, 9cards, 5 Star, 6 Star, 7 Star, Compass N or S spread, Clock spread, Horoscope spread, Annual spread, and Element spread.

Program & Cards
are copyright
Katzmiff 2003

 Compass Spread

5 Card Spread with extra cards




EgyptMage 952kb

.Minor update Oct 2003:

>> Print bug fixed for Element spread.
>> New - Printout of all 74 card meanings.
.......................Requested by Read Greyer

EgyptMage Help 183kb

Due to file-size restrictions this is a separate download. Unzip and copy the Help file into the EgyptMage directory.


Required: vb6 runtime file, MSVBVM60.DLL
If you do not have this file it can be downloaded from HERE (Opens in separate window)
Copy it into the Windows\System directory.


Notes: NT2000 already has this runtime file.
NT4 is set up differently from other Windows which means that the program will install properly but a shortcut will not appear on the Start menu. So, open Explorer, browse to the EgyptMage directory and create a shortcut from egyptmage.exe to either your Desktop or to your Start Menu.

CREDITS: This program has taken longer than expected to materialise because the card deck has had to be created
from scratch - persons who have assisted in one way or another in accomplishing this are;

Buz,..Virtual Museum - Egyptian Symbols and Gods

Advice & working example for designing original cards.

Angus S,

General help & encouragement throughout the past months.

Régis, .. RegBuilt esoteric programs (free)

Gold card-back: My web-friend & helper.

Caroline Seawright's Egyptology Column (Large site)

For her well researched information re. the egyptian deities.


Many thanx to the guru's who helped with sticky problems.

Local library

Loads of books for research - all free!


Loads of online egyptian info. (Not all historically correct)


Without whom this program would not have been possible.

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