Freeware Utilities. Win95/98/XP

The programs listed below are ones which I have found very useful. I used them with Win98 and am
still using them with WinXP. They are all freeware, quick loading, and do the job very well without any bloat. Some of the authors have other freeware apps. for download and some just develope & update the primary software. So please check the websites for updates &/or other apps.
Author names are shown in brackets [].



WEBSITE for download

Tab BarLauncher for desktop.
[Yagi, Kuniyoshi]
Slim, tabbed, unobtrusive and configurable. Can be horizonal or vertical.
Has a unique option which puts a small 'dot' on the desktop for opening it, instead of an icon in the systray/taskbar (really neat). Launches apps. files, folders, shortcuts, web-links etc.
8Start Desktop Launcher. [Andy Goh] Compact, attractive, easy to use interface & configuration, and also skinnable. Skins can be found at 8start website, & Launches apps. files, folders, shortcuts, media, web-links etc. Check this app. for updates! (Now with alpha channelling for transparent skins)
Irfanview Image Editor [Irfan Skiljan] My favorite image editor, it has many features & takes plugins. Also plays audio files. Full feature details at website.
BDV Notepad [Denis Balykin] Much much better than WinNotepad & has 5 font presets.
Twipit [Camtech] Converts from & to; twips, pixels, points, characters, inches, millimeters & centimeters. Browse Camtech for more very useful apps.
[Jay Prall]
There are a number of freeware 'colour' apps. but this one suits me best. It's small, fast loading, has lots of options which include 7 Colour Modes & an eyedropper for selecting (& displaying format of chosen colour mode) of any 1 pixel or an area of up to 5 pixels. Also has magnify & copy to Clipboard, plus more.... A favourite feature of mine is that it retains customs colours, unlike the Windows colour box. Check out full feature details at the website.
2-pic [Peter Moor] Has a number of very good images effects plus frames, gradients, text overlay etc. Uses 1 or 2 images to work with. Ideal when you don't want to open a big paint package for these effects. Download from
Novamatic 2000
[Fernando GonzŠlez del Cueto]
Has 3 'nova' image effects which can all be configured in a number of ways; Rays, Supernova & Globular. As with 2-pic, ideal when you don't want to open a big paint package for a nova effect. Aug 2006: Unable to trace author or website. Download zip file from;
The Font Thing [Sue Fisher] Has every feature to do with fonts I have ever needed.
iRadio [Adni18] Small & unobtrusive - ideal for background music/audio.Clear reception.
Download a text file with some radio URLs HERE. More apps. at website.
Hard Copy [Siegfried Weckmann] I'm still using version 14.2.01. It captures any area of desktop or online webpage in any of 5 shapes or by freehand selection, also hasa great many other image editing features. Newer version at website.
Clicktray Calendar [Thorsten Helbing] Very comprehensive & configurable. Website also has downloads for Annnual Festival dates for many countries & languages. And you can create your own.


[My Desktophelp]
Creates custom buttons in icon format to launch anything you want from I.Es toolbar. Also edit/modify any other buttons on the toolbar.
Taskbar Calculator [Marco Maroni] Sits neatly in the taskbar. Very handy indeed.
Starter [Codestuff] View, edit/configure what starts up with your pc. Very smart explorer-type user-friendly interface with lots of features.
Startup List [Merijn] Win95/98/98se/ME/2000/XP.
Ver 2.01: Just click the .exe. and StartupList will open it's own explorer-type window and list out a complete & comprehensive coverage of all currently running processes, registry startups, other auto startups, users info, drivers, printers, protocols, policies, and much more.
If you need to know every last thing that is active on your pc at the moment, this is the program to do it.
List v7.7a
[Vernon D Buerg]
Dos/Win3x/95/98/98se/XP. 258kb: Private/Personal use only.
A real golden oldie from the long-gone days of Dos that runs on all versions of Windows. By default Windows denies access to certain system files/folders. Neither will it open files for which there is no program to handle the extension. LIST presents no such barriers, if something is on your hard drive LIST will let you to view it, and if it's text-type file you can also view &/or edit it in the Text Editor.
This program is a tiny (25kb) file-size that is packed with a wealth of features, 107 to be exact! But you'll probably only use about 5 or less of them, and as you might expect it has a Keyboard interface - very simple to use.
If WinExplorer is stubbornly refusing you accesss to a file or folder, or you're fed up with all the scrolling around or a desktop full of Explorer Windows, then this is the program for you.
Install: All you need do is place it on your C:\ drive. :)
Uninstall: Just remove the file!
To run it: Click the 'Command Prompt' in WinXP and say yes to any message that a security app. might throw up, in other versions of Windows click the 'Dos' icon . All WinVersions: now go to the root C:drive (just type, cd\ and then press Enter) and type "list" at the command prompt (excluding the speech brackets.). In WinXP it will probably open a 'dos' box on the desktop
This download also contains a ReadMe.doc. It has all the keyboard commands for using LIST, which can also be accessed from the Help/Menu within the program when it's running. And as a refesher for those of you who have forgotton (or perhaps never used) Dos, a few basic prompt commands for keying around your hard drive in all WinVersions.

Download List v7.7a

Website for updated shareware version

 Free Windows utilites/software

Free Games for Win 95/98/XP

The following games have provided me with years of enjoyment and although there are many
modern games of the same kind, these 'oldies' have proved their worth over & over again.
Sadly some of the DOS based ones are no longer playable on XP, but will still run fine on
95-98-98se (always supposing there are still some Win95 users out there.).

Win 95-98-98se-XP: 2.36MB

Visual Sokoban 2.2
[Sylvain Gravejat]
From its first version this program has been skinnable, providing graphic adaptability, and skins are included in the setup exe. In this version there are more than 3000 levels! Great game. Briefly, here are the features:
  • Unlimited undo, make as many mistakes as you want !
  • Save / Load / Quick Save / Quick Load a game
  • Reset / Play Next / Play Previous Level
  • Record the solution of a level
  • Play Level Solution (Most have Solutions)
  • Change every graphic of the game with the Skins menu !
  • Mouse support !
  • Multi-users support !
  • Invisible objects option for a new challenge !

    I still use the keyboard in Win XP for scooting around. P.S. If anyone has managed to solve level 3038 (by David Skinner) please let me know!
    Update 2008: Solved: By Peter. Thank you.
  • Download Visual Sokoban 2.2

    Visual Sokoban website

    Win 3x-95-98-98se-XP: 2.61KB

    Mahjong for Windows v1.0[Ron Balewski]
    MJ4WIN v1.0
    Despite the many Mahjong programs I've tried, I always come back to this one. It has everything that is necessary for a good game of Mahjong. The download has 12 Tilesets and you can create your own sets, the graphic format is pcx. The interface is very user-friendly plus there is no waiting around for unwanted 'fancy effects'. The features are comprehensive:
    FILE MENU: Load a Tileset: Load a Saved Game: Save Game: Restart Game etc.
    HELP MENU: Tiles Left...: Moves Left..: Show moves...: X-Ray...
    PREFERENCES MENU: Six options here including Sound, Display Timer etc.
    BACKUP MENU: This allows to set markers at stages of your choice during game-play. Very useful when trying to solve a tricky layout.
    SPECIAL MENU: Pause, Background Color, Hall of Fame (Your Best Scores).
    Also has a Right-Click feature called Stack which has options to Remove or Rotate or Peek (beneath) any tile you click on. In the program folder there is a file called Viewset.exe which lets you view Tilesets, just double-click it to run the Viewer.
    Special Note: Unregistered. This is actually shareware but it won't expire and it's full-featured, no limitations and no nags.

    Download & Install.
    I still have the original setup for this Mahjong program somewhere on an old floppy - can't find it - so just extract the download zip, which is a folder named MJ4WIN containing all the original files, onto your pc (i.e. C:\Program Files) and create a shortcut from MJWIN.EXE, now put the shortcut on your Start Menu or Desktop. If using WinXP remember to make the shortcut compatible with Win 95/98.

    To download RIGHT CLICK and select "Save link as ..." from the mouse menu.

    Download MJ4Win1.0

    Rons website for
    the current version.
    (Shareware, with many new features.
    I emailed the author 6 days ago re. including MJ4Win here... no reply.
    So here it is.)

    ©katzmiff from 2001