Freeware v1.0
Feb 2004

 Freeware Runic Divination

Decisions & Divinations
with the Elder Furthak

 ©Katzmiff ..

Rune Paths is a small program that enables decision making in any
situation by revealing the outcome of the Paths you have chosen.
The Paths can be applied to the actual or proposed actions of yourself or others,
or to a course of events, or to an ongoing situation. They pinpoint
the possibilities within the scope of your enquiry.
When Cast, The Runes reveal the outcome of each Path.

..Windows 95/98/2000/XP/NT4

Screen resolution 800x600 & higher

...Required: vb6 runtimes


11 Paths to choose from.
Between 1 & 4 Runes (optional) can be cast for each displayed Path.

Duplicate Runes: ..The same Rune(s) may appear in more than one Path.
Highlighed Runes: Custom feature, which can be edited.
User Notes: ...........Any Notes you enter will be Saved / Printed with a Runecast.

Two sets of Rune Meanings:
Both can be Edited for using different interpretations.

Save or Print a Runecast.
Save or Print 24 Rune Meanings.


Windows Help file. Auto Install & Uninstall




Download ....351 kb


 Download Rune Paths





 A 3-rune query using three Paths

Author e.m.a.i.l and bug reports

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