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Most FREE card decks are for personal or non-commercial use only.

If you use them in your projects, free software, or web designs
remember to give due credit to the Authors.
Under no circumstances claim the card images as your own.

Permission is granted for some of the decks to be modified / altered,
in which case the altered graphics would then become yours. But as
stated above, the Author of the original images must also be credited,
and your images may then come under the same rights or licence
as the original. See examples in the copyrights which
accompany decks under the GPL & GNU licences.


Katzmiff 2004--2007..............


If you have a valid or legal disagreement with any content on this page, or you are the Author/ Artist and
have ojection to the presentation of your material here, please advise me and I will ammend or remove it.



Playing card


...... Decks with the double hash (##) are from the Pysol card sets.

  Small cards. Pngs. 860kb

Large cards. Pngs. 1.54MB
The SVG Deck. Authors Jesse Fuchs and Tom Hart. For Windows and MacOSX.

52 playing card deck with Jokers and 6 card backs. These card images were created form the SVG cards by David Bellot (free under the Creative Commons Licence).
The court cards have the king/queen/jack images in a central square surrounded by a wide border. Nice design.
The authors have made two downloads available - Large size 75x107 pixels and Smaller size 150x215 pixels.


  Card Images: Jpgs. 3.96MB

PhotoShop Brushes: 4.93MB
PhotoShop Playing Card Brushes & Images. Author Stephanie Shimerdla.

This site also has free Patterns & Tutorials for PhotoShop. The playing card brushes are for a standard 52 card deck, plus joker and card back.

Stephanie has two downloads, one for the Brushes and one for the card Images. Card images are black and white. Size: 674 pixels X 1037 pixels.

Author Licence:
Terms of use: These brushes are - and shall always remain - FREE.
They are available for commercial or non-commercial usage.
Please do not re-package any of the brushes contained in any of the sets and attempt to pass them off as your own - I work hard on these!
(Helpful and informative site).



Playing cards Gifs. 596kb

 Ace of Diamonds. Actual size.

The Nu-mam Deck. Author V.H. Smith.

52 playing card deck with 4 cardbacks. Size:106 x 169 pixels.
An attractive richly coloured deck with images based on the Egyptian Mamluk suits of Coins, Polo Sticks, Cups and Scimitars/Swords. The suits have different coloured / textured backgrounds, the Diamonds have green velvet - see pic.

"These card images are distributed as freeware, meaning you can use and distribute the deck as you wish, provided that you do not charge anything for doing so. If you use these cards as part of a commercial product or for commercial purposes you must clearly state that they are non-commercial freeware and give credit to the artist/author. Modifications to the images are not allowed without prior written permisson of the author.". Licence is included with the download.

Special Note: If you have CardMage version 3.0 (it installs custom decks) and you would like to use this deck, you will have to design the two jokers yourself and the card sizes would have to be reduced to 71 x 96 pixels.

Freeware Esoterica

  Playing cards Gifs 99.8 kb  
Author: (C) Katzmiff Februray 2005.
52 card deck with cardback and two Jokers. Orginal card images which suggest divinatory meanings for the cards. Delicate / colour-coded designs. Note: The court cards are modified images from the Oxymoron deck. Size: 71 x 96 pixels.
The file-names and card-sizes are correct for using with CardMage. Just add the four inverted (upside down) Aces and then give them their correct file-names before installing the deck.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. Licence included with download.

Freeware Esoterica

  Playing cards Gifs 49.5kb

Playing cards Png's (?)
Author John Fitzgibbon.

Regular 52 playing card deck:. Size: 71 x 96 pixels.
Nice deck. Individual card images and more info. are at the website.

Author permissions;
"Feel free to use for personal or professional purposes."



Playing cards zip Gifs. 83kb

Playing cards tar.gz Gifs. 69kb.

Author: Oxymoron
......... Source code included.

Regular playing card deck. Includes Joker and cardback.
Size: 73 x 97 pixels. Court cards are very well done monotones. Please visit website for more info.

Licence, GPL.
Version 2, June 1991. These card Images can be modified under the terms of the licence which can be seen/read at the website.


  Playing Cards Jpgs
eCardTricks, clipart pages.

Regular 52 playing card deck. No Joker. Size: 54 x 75 pixels.
The images are rather fuzzy but the design is a bit different from regular decks.
Website Author states:- "
Here you will find a library of various magic-related clip art that I have found around the web. Please note that eCardTricks does not claim copyright to any of the clip art found in these galleries."

NOTE: I've zipped the deck for download, if you go to the website you must download the card images individually.


  Playing Cards Png's
Original deck, (C) Oxymoron.
.....The modified deck (this download), (C) Katzmiff 2002

Regular 52 playing cards plus two Jokers, upright & reversed Aces, one cardback. (59 images in all). This is the regular deck used in
Size: 71 x 96 pixels.

Licence for this deck is of course GPL and may be modified under the terms of the licence.
  Playing Cards Gifs
Copyright (C) 2004 Tazmarie

Regular 52 card deck - no joker(s), no cardback.
Pip-cards are unusual, court cards have single upright images. This deck can be used for spreads which use both upright and inverted (upsidedown) cards.
Size 73 x 97 pixels.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. Licence included with download.
  ## Playing Cards Gifs
Copyright (C) 1998 Markus F.X.J. Oberhumer
Copyright (C) 1990 Volker Weidner

This PySol cardset was adapted from Patience 2.25 (Atari ST).

Regular 52 playing card deck plus 2 cardbacks. Greyscale & black & white images. You may, or may not, wish to colour this deck. Size: 60 x 93 pixels.

Released under the GNU licence, included with download.
  ## Playing Cards Gifs

Copyright (C) 1999 T. Kirk <grania@inetarena.com>
Copyright (C) 1998 Niccolo Rigacci

This PySol card set was originally adapted from the game Briscola by Niccolo Rigacci.1998

Regular 52 playing card deck plus two cardbacks. Size 75 x 99 pixels.
Court cards have full length figures - a quaint 'olde worlde' deck ....

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
  HUGE collection of
Playing Cards
. Gifs.
This download file contains more than 50 Playing Card decks, created for use in the game Pysol by Markus F.X.J. Oberhumer. A Solitaire program with an enormous amount of games.

Many rare and out-of-print card sets have been restored by Pysols Author and T.Kirk and other Authors/Artists. Also included are several MahJong tile sets.

Every card set is in its' own folder with author(s) copyright included, and nearly all are under the GNU or GPL Licences (please read if you are unfamiliar with them) which means they can be modified and redistributed under the terms of the licence.
i.e. Briefly, if you change the images and use them in some project of your own you must extend the same rights of modification & redistribution to everyone else. But copyright to 'your' modified images will remain with you).

The download file is named, "pysol-cardsets_4.40.orig.tar.gz"
If you have Windows, use Winzip to extract the compressed folders & files.


Website for Pysol

  ## Playing Cards
(small size)
Copyright (C) 1997 John Fitzgibbon
Copyright (C) 1997 Jochen Tuchbreiter
Copyright (C) 1998 Markus F.X.J. Oberhumer

This PySol cardset was adapted from kdegames 1.0 (KPoker).
A regular 52 playing card deck plus 4 cardbacks. No Joker.
A tiny deck with sharp clear images. Size: 43 x 64pixels.

The cardset is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
  This deck will only work on an RISC operating system.

Playing cards
Author: Dacha
Author info and Licence:-
The deck "comprises all 52 cards along with black and red Jokers, and blue and red backs. All the cards have rounded corners and are 4-colour and 16-colour sprites.
59 by 79 pixels. Cards are free for any non-commercial use: just credit me with the design."
NOTE: File download has no extension. (RISC = old British OS)


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If you know of a Free Tarot deck that can be included here please
e.m.a.i.l me.



Tarot deck



The Frog Tarot
From the website.
The Frog Tarot: Author/Artist: Lillie.

This in-progress tarot has whimsical and delightful images of Frogs!

The majors are Rider-Waite (8 is Strength, 11 is Justice), the minors are Marseille-style frog-pips. There is full colouring throughout the deck. The major arcana cards are quite enchanting, so too are the minor arcana court cards. (See the knights!).

A most unusual deck of frogs, but with an 'adult' appeal.

Licence: Free.
But please browse the site for updates, this author may add a permission notice.


  The Cool Tarot
The DeadGirl (cool) Tarot. Author/Artist: "littledeadgirl".

Free printable Tarot Cards. Full 78 card deck with alternate images for 14 cards.
This original deck is a collage. The cards have a broad spectrum of images which cover; the unexpected, the everyday, the arresting, the 'cute', the appealing and the thought-provoking. A 'cool' deck.
The cards are displayed with four to a picture and can be downloaded by right-clicking each 4-fold picture and choosing 'Save Image As...' from the mouse context menu. Card Size: 242 x 354pixels. Format: jpg.
I have zipped them up for this download, but strongly recommend visiting the website for any further info and possible 'updates' to the deck. It would also be nice (mandatory in fact) to discover the artists real name & accord her due credit!

LIcence: Free.

Author/artist comments:
" I looked all over the Web for a cool-looking free printable deck of tarot cards and couldn't find a good one. So I made my own. It has taken me 2 years to finally complete all 78 cards...although I still don't consider the deck to be "finished". I hope you have as much fun using these as I did making them!"


  Catharinas Tarot
Catharinas Tarot Trumps.Author. Catharina

This tarot is a strangely beautiful fusion of assorted imagery which successfully incorporates both Native American and mythical images. The cards echo Pamela Smiths (Rider-Waite) depictions for the Major Arcana. They have a mystical, magical, quality and are set within wide shadowed golden frames.
The website is in Dutch with some english, please visit if you wish to see her other work or to download the cards from there.
(My favourites are The Sun & The World)
Card size:250 x 350 pixels. Format: jpg.

The download contains the licence (in English) which is as follows,
"These images are for non-commercial use only. You're not allowed to change them and make sure you give me credit."
(Short & sweet licence - says it all.)


  Krysias Tarot

Krysias Tarot & Divinatory PDF
Tarot Trumps. Author/Artist: krysia

This deck contains 32 cards, the Major Arcana, the Four Aces, and all by itself, the 2 of Cups. At present the author has no plans for including all the Minor Arcana, but if enough people were to email/contact her........who knows (?!).

A high resolution contemporary deck of photo quality. Beautifuly blended images, with some translucant effects. A few cards are pics of people, i.e. Brad Pitt, other cards like "Judgment", are stunningly evocative.
Card size: 300 x 420 pixels. Format: jpg

The cards download includes two versions of some cards, so you can choose the images you prefer. Note: The cardback is a separate download from the website.
Krysia has several download options for the cards (6 print-ready Tarot sheets). There is also a PDF booklet for the divinatory meanings.
NOTE: There are two downloads for the PDF, the single download generates an error when opening it. To download a working version of the PDF (plus all the cards) click the appropriate link on the left. If you want to Print the PDF contents please make a note of the following instructions advised by Loretta M Yeo who sussed it out.
"The PDF file can be printed on 8.5" x 11" paper if you use the right print settings.
From Adobe Reader, set it like this:

Page Scaling: None
Auto-Rotate and Center: Off (no check in box).

This will give you the first page (the single-page cover) and the left half of each of the other pages.
Then, in the main Adobe Reader screen, click on Rotate Clockwise two times to make the images up-side down. Now you can print pages 2-15 with the same settings as before, and you'll get the other halves of the pages."

(Loretta recommends World of Tarot, the program is on CD (not free) but very comprehensive and customisable, and includes nine card decks).
Thanx go to Loretta for this info.
Do visit Krysias website for more info. about the cards and download options.

Licence: "A Free downloadable deck".... "Free for fun.."
Most (if not all) of the images have been derived from royalty-free, royalty- free used-with-permission, personal, and web-found images.
Suggestion: If you use these cards, for any purpose, please credit Krysia and provide a link to her site.


  The B.O.T.A. Tarot Deck
Free. The B.O.T.A Tarot deck . Paul Foster Case. From The Tarot Instuitute.

Regarded by many to embody the Western Mystery Tradition, this is a black & white deck. The colouring of the images should be undertaken as an exercise in order to assimilate the depth of each card - one might say "a spiritual excerise".

Visit website for colouring info (important), & for viewing or downloading the cards individually.
Card size: 244 x 220.
......NOTE: I believe it may only be Free for personal use.




Experimental Tarot Deck
download page.

The Experimental Tarot. Author Samvado Gunnar Kossatz
Samvados site is an Overview of the deck with detailed meanings plus downloads for the full Tarot deck.

The author doesn't make it clear (well, not to me...) in what way his deck can be used after it's been downloaded. However the cards are copyrighted and the physical deck is retail, so to err on the safe side I would say that this deck is for personal and private use only.

The images are quite modern-day but the meanings are both poetic & indepth, planetry correspondances are also given. Mr
Kossatz comes across as a philosophical thinker and it is reflected in his cards.

There are site-pages for the Major Arcana and the Four Elements where you can view the cards and choose to view the texts associated with them .
Card size: 343 x 500. Format: bmp.

As there are four separate downloads comprising 78 Cards, the Divination texts, and the Introductory texts, the link on the left will open the Experimental Tarot download page in a separate window.

  The Colman-Smith Tarot
download page
The Colman-Smith Tarot Overview & Download Author
Samvado Gunnar Kossatz

This is actually a reproduction of the Rider-Waite Tarot, but due to copyright issues concerning the words "Waite" and "Tarot", it has had to be been renamed.
The site is laid out similar to the Experimental Tarot above, with pages for veiwing the cards plus texts, and there are three downloads for the Tarot deck and Divinatory Texts etc, hence the download page will open in a separate window.
Card size: 188 x 270 pixels. Format: jpg.

Many thanks to Mr Kossatz for making these card images available and licencing them under the GPL. (General Public Licence)
Alternatively; A monotone deck of the Colman-Smith Tarot (no cardback) with smaller sized cards can be
downloaded from here.
Licence, GPL. Card size:Approx. 112 x 176 pixels. Format: gifs
  The Mantegna Deck jpg's
The Mantegna-Tarocchi
Dispite the (valid) opinion of historians that this deck was not designed by Mantegna, and neither does it conform to a 78 card Tarot deck, various copies of the original engravings have been made over the centuries and it has generally become known as the 'Mantegna Tarot'. The actual original deck dating from around 1470 CE has not yet been discovered.
Variously described as a 'humanistic deck' or a 'cosomological deck' and even an 'astrological deck', it has five sets of ten cards.

(Excerpt from a posting by Huck at Trionfi.com)
Trionfi favours a solution in which the Mantegna Tarocchi engravings were produced around 1475, in which the engraving artist was the German printer Sweynheim, who engraved after motifs, which were mainly collected from possibly various sources, mainly bought in a book + engraving store in Venice by the poet Ludovico Lazzarelli, who before 1475 used partly the same motifs already for 2 manuscript productions in Urbino - in different compositions than the 50-elements-Mantegna-Tarocchi.
Involved in the production were probably persons connected to a later Pope, Pope Sixtus IV.

This download contains the 50 greyscale images of the 'Mantegna' deck, they are the prints of a copy made by a16th century Cologne artist Johann Ladenspelder. More information can be found at
this link.

Download images are rather fuzzy. Clearer images are here at

Size: approx. average: 231 x 394. DPI: 96

No copyright - but as with the Rider-Waite deck, modern reproductions may have copyrighted the two words "Mantegna" & "Tarot" being used together.


Website for more info & the individual card prints.


The Inner
World Tarot


Inner World Tarot. Author/Artist: Vince Cabrera

This Tarot deck ... "is a unique and inspired attempt to rework traditional Tarot imagery. Created from found images, original drawings, computer graphics and contributions from virtual and r/t friends around the world"

Full 78 card deck in a contemporary style with clear images and pleasing colours. Primarily intended for people to create/make their own physical deck. Size: 215 x 297 pixels

The download is free because all persons concerned ENJOYED creating the deck......
...dbut they did'nt have time for dealing with publishing & distribution.

Much more info. plus an ongoing online divination/spread Manual (eventually to be another free download) at his Website. Thank you Vince - much appreciated.

Home Page

The Manual

  The Aquatic Tarot

Small 263kb

Normal 976kb

Large 5003kb
The Aquatic Tarot. Author/Artist: ©Andreas Schröter 1995-2002

Full 78 card deck based on the Rider-Waite design. The images have been repainted in watercolours and have a soft dreamy appearance which (for me) encourages a calm serene contemplative approach.

Downloads sizes
(in pixels):
..................Format: jpgs
Small, 75 x 100:
Normal, 180 x 240:
Large 480 x 640.

Author Permissions: This deck is for non-commercial use only.


  Marseilles Deck
The Full Marseilles Deck. From wischik (WiseChick?).

These 78 cards are available on the
wischik website for individual viewing plus information of how they came into the possession of the website owner. The original (physical) cards were coloured but the ones for download are in very attractive tones of black/white/grey direct from wischik. Very clear/appealing images.
Size: Average approx: 326 x 625 pixels. Format: jpgs.

It is believed that the deck is not copyrighted. Please visit the website for more information.


  Marseilles Trumps
The Marseilles Deck 1896 (Source: Sacred Texts website)

These are Greyscale prints of the 22 Marseilles Trump cards from the Tarot
of the Bohemians.
Size: Approx. 158 x 300. Format: jpgs

Visit the website to view/download the Individual cards and accompanying text. Very thorough Tarot card info. at this site. No copyright.



  Classic Rider-Waite
Large Size.
24 col. JPGs. 350 x 600 pixels.

Small Size.
Gifs. 100 x 165 pixels.

Sadly these Classic Rider-Waite Tarot cards are no longer available as Paul Caskeys Rider-Waite website was taken offline May 2008.

If I can find an alternate download I will post it here. (Sept. 2008)

These were the Classic Rider-Waite Tarot card images made available on the internet back in the 90s. They were updated in 2001 by Paul Caskey.
In 1993 US Games Inc. gave permission to Paul Caskey to distribute the Rider-Waite Tarot Cards across the Internet.

These images may be used freely except that you are not allowed to charge money for them, neither are you allowed to remove the copyright notice which appears in the lower-right corner of each image."

Full Licence details plus download urls for the cards were at Pauls site.

  Popular 1910 Deck
The 1910 Deck. (Source: Mystic Games website)

Full 78 card deck (Rider-Smith- Waite). The individual cards plus divinatory text can viewed/downloaded at the website. I've zipped the 78 cards for this download.

Size:150 x 262 pixels. Format: jpgs.

Illustrations of this deck are public domain.


  The Vacchetta
Download the antique Italian deck from Turin, Italy. Designed in 1893 by artist Giovanni Vacchetta, a rare and beautiful deck, with images borrowed from mythology and classical art. These are high quality black and white images of all 78 cards for you to print or decorate as you please.
Cards are large-size for sending to your printer and creating physical decks
.However, they are for personal use only.
  Hollywood Tarot
Download page
The Hollywood Tarot - Creating Your Own Deck: Webmistress. Melanie Bacon

As you might guess, this is a Tarot with images of Hollywood film stars, past & present. The 78 cards are both full colour & black+white photos.
Card Size: 322 x 216pixels. (Wider than the height - i.e. 'landscape')

Download each card individually from the website if you would like to create a Hollywood Tarot deck for yourself.

Licence: Author permissions/comments;
"Make your own Hollywood cards. For fun but NOT for profit, for your own personal home use, don't even think about making any money on these because neither you nor I own the rights to any of these people's names or faces."

NOTE: The following notice appears on every page with the card images,
  Instant Ideas! (Tarot Trumps) 1.03MB  
Virtual Instant Ideas!Author: Mark Elroy. TarotTools
(Tarot-type deck)
22 'Tarot' Trumps - a 'brain-storming' deck. These 22 Major cards are free.They are part of a full 78 deck which can be purchased (a donation...). The cards are high resolution full colour photo quality and depict very modern contemporary images. The 'traditional' trump names have been changed but are recognisable - very apt renaming.
Card size: 300 x 200 pixels. ('Landscape'). Format. jpgs

Author comments/permissions;
They can be used when Tarot cards aren't handy. You can download the 22 trumps, more than enough cards to get you started -- for free! If you like these, you can receive all 78 cards ..."

Please visit the website for more info. and view other decks of a similar nature. Featured (commercial) deck is called 'Bright Ideas'



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Other card




  Kemet1 Cards

Copyright (C) 2001 katzmiff

These 20 cards depicting Egyptian Deities were part of an early original card deck created for the
EgyptMage program. (Divination with the Deities of Egypt)

Cardback designed by Regis. All gods & goddesses are depicted on thrones accompanied by one or more items usually associated with them. Size: 71 x 96 pixels

They are now free software (July 2004); you can redistribute and/or modify them under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

  Tattwa Cards
The 25 tattwa cards. (Doorways to the Astral Plane.)Size: 120 x 120 pixels. Format gifs.
Clear images, size can be increased.
  20 Fractal Images
When I get around to it I'll do a fractal deck - until then here's 20 fractal images which may inspire someone else to create one. Size: 71 x 96 pixels. Format: gifs.

Free to do what you like with them except claim authorship of these originals, because I might still use them for a Fractal deck.

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  New Terra Tarot  
Check out this 'in progress' tarot deck at BellaOnline. Each card can be downloaded as it is released. There are also reqular tarot-related postings here - info & tutorials etc. Browse the archives for earlier posts & card releases. Very attractive deck.
Ongoing research into the history of Playing card, Tarot & Oracle decks. Here you will find many images & information of both modern and very early decks, plus links to card collectors. A very good site to visit. Highly Recommended.
  Alleged Tarot 2002  
Virtual clipart/cartoon style Tarot. 78 cards brightly coloured and nicely designed. Primarily created for SVG viewing but also available in png format. The cards can be viewed singly as pngs or svgs with their meanings & comments, or there is an index page containing all the cards with a link to their meanings. Authors name appears to be
Damian Cugley . Image Size: 262 pixels x 360 pixels. NOTE: No copyright notice on this site, but if you browse the pages there is some indication that the cards are (or were) being used for online readings.
The Uncarrot Tarot
Download (html page) of 93 original pencil drawn tarot card images. Size: 148x196pixels.
A strange and whimsical tarot. The suits are Pencils, Floppy Disks, Hammers, Silly Hats, Miscarcarna (which include Protractors), Major Arcana, and Meta Arcana.
There are some meanings (annotations) for a few of the cards, maybe they could be expanded (&/or newly created) by those who connect with this deck. The author/artist created them back in 2001. For something quite different go take a look at them.
Card Symbol Font
Download F
REE Card Font containing symbols for French, German, Swiss & Latin cards, plus links to other Card and Chess Fonts. Author Gyula Zsigri. Licence in download.
Card Font 1
Card Font 2
  (1) Download FREE Playing Card Font. Luc Devroye's site.

(2) Download FREE Playing Card Font. Author: La Kikita
  The Vee-deck  
A non-tarot Divination deck by Valerie Walker.
A Book of Dreams with Pictures and Words: Online divination reading plus you can Download the Vee-deck cards in PDF format. It contains ten pages of eight cards each, including cards which are not part of the original vee-deck; (browse site for card variations) some of the original cards have been retitled. These pdf cards are for you to print, cut out, and mount on heavy card stock. All 56 cards are Major Arcana. Size: 155 x 297 pixels.
Around 100 + Listed Tarot decks for viewing - full 78 card decks. If you have the time & patience every card can be downloaded, but do remember that they are commercial decks.
Ideal if you can't afford an expensive deck & want to make/print a copy for personal use.
  Tarot Spreads  
This site has 13 Spreads for using the Tarot, with pretty good descriptions for the cards.
This site has a download for TarotCall, a free program which can be used with any, or all, of the free 7 to 10 card decks available at the site. The decks (plus the TarotCall program) can be downloaded all at once or separately. Please note that TarotCall only works with Windows Internet Explorer.
  The Déjà Tarot  
This is an online tarot reading site. Included here because the deck is custom and the card meanings are pithy, earthy, and to the point. Probably set up in the nineties to judge by the wording, but definately worth a visit - an enjoyable one!
I tried to email the author/artist (Marquise) re. the card deck but the link is dead.
Dominatrix Tarots

Dominatrix Card Templates & Programs
Five tarot decks can be downloaded from this page, 3 decks have the full 78 cards, one has 15 cards (Simple Oracle), and the Marseille deck 22 trumps. All decks have been designed or re-designed by Dominatrix for the
Orphalese Tarot and are Web Editions.

You can also download blank templates for Tarot cards and Playing cards, several Solitaire programs (some with saucy cards), and WinFool for Windows.

Author/Dominatriox: "You can find here some items related with electronic Tarot and card decks I've made. Please, do not hesitate to send me an e-mail with any question, suggestion or whatever you want about this stuff, provided in order to help other card or Tarot designers."
Download for full 52 decks of Playing cards at this site. Created for software authors or to use in other projects. Includes source code.

Cardpics is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
Author: If you use the cards in your project, don't forget to drop us a mail to keep us informed. Maybe some day we'll add a section with links to projects that uses the Cardpics cards!
Make a Tarot
deck 1

Make a Tarot
deck 2
  (1) Info. for creating a collage Tarot deck plus advice re. publishing. On the Menu page click the ARTICLES icon and browse. Arnell Andos site.

(2) Info about drawing/painting your own Tarot Deck with examples. Johns Tarot project.
Create Tarot
Deck Online.
Create & Download your own Tarot Deck ONLINE - create & Save one card at a time. Drag & drop images to the template card. Not a lot of images, but this feature is ideal for creating a number of cards with the same backgrounds; nice photographic ones.
Athena Luna Site
  Download & colour a classic
tarot deck.

Feature with instructions for creating your own set of Tarot cards.Two sets of black and white card prints are available for Download. Choose between the 1910 Coleman-Waite or the Vacchetta deck of 1893. Both decks have been updated and modified for easier colouring.
The card graphic are very large, but will print out to a standard tarot card size.
Website: About Religion.
NOTE: Distribution or commercial use forbidden.
Images are modified from the originals, and are not copyright free.

Produce Your Own
Playing cards

Guidelines for producing small editions of hand-made Playing Cards.
Methods covered are,
  1. Printing
  2. Desk Top Publishing
  3. Photocopying
  4. Hand Made
  5. Woodblocks and Stencils
  6. Copper Plate Engraving
  7. Photography
  8. Collage
  9. Quality

Also includes accounts from people who have made and produced &/or published their own decks. Very informative. ....Website:World of Playing Cards


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