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CardMage v3.1 Updated August 2005

Freeware Card Decks & images to download Playing cards-Tarot cards-Other cards

NOTE: Demo & evaluation programs will not expire - but please read brief reviews.
All programs will run on Windows 95/98/98se & usually NT/2000/ME/XP unless otherwise stated
DOWNLOAD FF = Full Freeware

FreeTarotReading 0.1


FreeLearnTarot 0.1

FF: 2.94MB: Win9x/ XP: http://www.mysticboard.com (MB Tarot). Note; This is the MysticBoard Forum.
FreeTarot Reading: When the program opens you must first enter a question plus some personal details. A new window will open for you to choose a spread from the 8 listed ones. Options are for using the Major or Minor arcana, Manual, or Autocast.
Now the main Reading window opens with the cards laid out in your chosen spread and readings for each card.

FreeLearnTarot: 2.03MB: Win9x/XP: http://www.mysticboard.com
This tarot learning software has a tabbed interface for, My Personal Goal, Settings, Memorize Cards, Take Test, and Results.
It opens at 'My Personal Goal' for you to enter/edit your goals, plus goal-starting & goal-ending dates. I had a problem with this as the time span does'nt allow for day-dates in the same calendar month, i.e. If starting on the 2nd Aug. you can't set the end date for, say, the 20th Aug. you have to choose a future month or year.
Under the Settings tab you now choose to test yourself for the Major, Minor, or all 78 cards. Optional test levels are for Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced, and the testing/memorizing is optionally by Keyword or Description. Now you're all set up to click the 'Test Me' button.

MB tarot software uses the Rider-Waite deck.
Downloads are from
When installing either program they will want to access the internet. A refusal will not affect the running of the programs.
The forum looks to be an interesting one.

New Age Tarot v1.0
download page
FF: 5.97MB: Win 9x: Download link is to Winsite Download page.
Haindl Deck (78). 3 spreads (1card, 3cards, Celtic Cross): Interpretations. Really nice.
Tarot Innovations v1.0 FF: 1.89MB: Win9x (VB runtimes needed)
Rider deck (78). Three spreads (Harmony, Celtic X, Split Hexagram): Interpretations. Also a concentration game & a Magick 8-Ball (Easter Egg).
Visit Website.
Varot - VirtualTarot v1.0 FF: 4.8MB: Win 9x.
Colmon-Smith deck(78). 4spreads (Celtic Cross, 3 Card, Dream interpretation and Monthly). Edit the divinatory meanings of the cards. Save your readings into a mini database. Good


FF: 4.8MB: Win 9x. From portalpsychic.com
Small program for personal Tarot readings. Hold your query in mind while clicking 5 cards, then the Tarot reading will display. The readings are under five headings; 1) What you have to do, 2) What plays against you, 3) Who will judge, 4) The sentence will be, and 5) Summarizing. I personally found these unusual headings to be surprizingly definitive of the query I had in mind. Very apt.
A No-Install program, unzip the download and double click on the FreeTarot.exe file.
Tarot v1.1 FF: 0.98MB: Win9x
Rider deck(78). 7 Spreads. Card interpretations and spreads can be modified. Spreads can be saved and loaded.Various other settings. I Ching included.
Nice interface, userfrendly. Good.

Download from Website

The Tarot Oracle



FF: 1.98MB: Win9x. and probably also ME/2000/XP. Author: Jean Cremers. December 2003
A rare species of user-customisable Tarot programs.Here are some of the features;

> I
nstall your own decks - Tarot or any other custom deck up to 100 cards.
> (The only other programs I know of which will install/use custom decks are CardMage & Tarot2.5 below.)
> Write your own card Meanings for whatever deck you're using.
> Create & Save your own Spreads ( Max. 50 ).
> Resize the card images in the running program for custom display.
> Click & drag to arrange the displayed cards in the spreads

> Save Spreads etc. to disk.

The program comes with nine default Spreads and two default Tarot decks (Rider & Aqua). Details for creating Spreads etc. are in the file "readme.txt" in the program directory. Auto Install and Uninstall.
Highly Recommended for all who like to "do their own thing" and/or develope card reading skills/experience.

Another freeware program for download from this author is an astrological one. Freeware since 2007, PlantDance. See the Astrology page,

Winsite download

FF:1.98MB: Win9x/2000. written with Visual Basic. Author: Ty Thomson
As with the above program, Tarot2.5 allows for installing your own card decks ( Max.50 ), creating & Saving your own spreads ( Max.100 ), using up to 100 cards per deck, and up to 99 cards in a custom Spread!.
Card images can be a mixture of jpg, gif, bmp, & wmf formats. Custom cardbacks can be used with any deck. Spreads and card meanings are fully customisable /editable. The frequency of reversed cards can be configured, and you can also choose to include / exclude reversed cards in your spreads. Deck names & Spread names are also configurable. Full details for configuring/customising your cards & spreads are in the ReadMe.doc included with the program.
Ten default spreads come with the program and an original Tarot deck.
Highly recommended.
Tarot Oracle v11.xx
download page
FF: 8.13MB: Win9x.By Francois Deschamps..Download is from Winsite - who erroneously have this listed as Shareware!

Original card images.Large window - best res. 1024x768, which allows display of up to 8 cards. With 800x600 res. only 3 cards are visible. Several options re. card shapes and their contents (Symbols, numbers, oracle etc).Interpretations. Good Help. No specific spreads. Save & Print.
Banshee Tarot FF: 277kb: Win95/98/98se ..(Starts in French, change language at bottom of screen)
Unusual: 9 card spread for PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE; Material, Intellect & Divine. Cards in the latter three catagories have the attributes of a herb or flower or gem-stone. Unknown deck, 32 cards in all. If you want something different - this might be it.
Mystic Eye Collection
download page
The following six programs are from the Mystic Eye collection of FREE Tarot software.
All programs are subject to updates, so please
visit their site if you have download problems
Electric Tarot v1.3 Freeware Demo: 494kb: Win9x: Uses Flash 4. .From Mystic Eye. Won't expire
5 card Elemental Spread and interpretations.
Pet Tarot FF: 762kb: Win9x: From Mystic Eye.
5 card (Linear) spread using the Pet tarot deck; Far Past, Past, Present, Future, Far Future. Plus interpretations.
Gothic Tarot FF: 590kb: Win9x: From Mystic Eye.
Same five card spread as above, using the Gothic tarot deck, plus interpretations.
Woo-Woo Tarot FF: 1.44MB: Win9x: From Mystic Eye.
This is the Celtic Cross spread using the Woo-Woo tarot deck, plus interpretations.
Tarot v1.0 FF: 1.44MB: Win9x: From Mystic Eye.
Three card spread using the Electric tarot deck, Past, Present, Future. Plus interpretations.
Elec-ElementTarot FF: 494kb: Win9x: From Mystic Eye.
Five card Elemental spread; N, S, E, W & Center, using the Electric tarrot deck. Plus interpretations. (Very similar to Electric Tarot v1.3 above)
Elemental Tarot Freeware Demo: 1,018kb: Win9x .... Won't expire.
Celtic Cross spread only, plus interpretation. Very nicely done - simple but effective. See their website for individual Card pics & explanation/meaning.
Elemental Cards
Tarot 3.2
Download page
FF: 196kb: Win9x .Download is from Winsite, author asks donation to CADP (1992).Will not expire.
Rider deck(78). Celtic Cross spread. Interpretation of Cards & position meanings.

OS Collective Tarot
Freeware demo: 2.89MB: Win 9x: (Listed as E S Tarot & Rune Reader 1.2). Adware: By EchidnaSoft. Won't expire
Note: File download name is ' full.exe '.
Splash screen says OS Tarot Collection. (No Runes). Has a full Rider deck and 10 spreads. Full interpretations. Save & Load your readings. No Print function, no card editing function.
Review says you can download other cards and extra spreads from EchidnaSoft - I haven't been able to do this.
TempleTarot1.0 FF: 1.3MB: Win95/98/98se: By Daniel Templeman. Early version (1.0.) See next.
Deck is original artwork. There are three Classic Layouts (Celtic, 3 card, Qabalistic) and a brief but indepth history of the Tarot. Scrollable list of divinatory card meanings for the spreads.
See his other esoteric software at the
Sigil Website
Sigel Tarot1.7
FF: 3.2MB: Win95/98/98se: By Daniel Templeman. Updated version.
Two decks, both original artwork. There are five Classic Spreads including Qabalistic(10 cards) and a 22 card layout. A separate scrollable list of keywords for each card. Option to save a spread - note that the Saved spread is replaced when you choose to Save another spread.
"Shuffle, flip and enlarge functions. Drag or Auto-cast. Automatic Keyword Meanings. An uncluttered Tabletop. Further discussion of the Major Arcana cards. Five Classic Layouts. Two Original 78 card Decks to choose from. Brief but indepth history of the Tarot. View Individual Cards for contemplation"
If you have problems downloading go to the
Sigil Website and check for further updates.

RiderTarot v7.0

S.F: (Demo) Approx.1.16MB: Win9x: Light Edition of Scott Swansons Fairy Tarot program. (Will not expire)
FREE edition has the 22 Trumps of the Rider deck and the Celtic Spread, plus music and option of using three different cursors. No Print function. Card meanings are clear and concise. Includes several Help files, including one for reading your spread. The registered version has the full 78 card deck, plus other features.
A number of other Tarot programs (various decks) are available at
Scotts' site some of which have the same Free Demo features as this one, the download sizes range from 5.27MB - 26.2MB. His programs have been approved by professional tarot readers.
NOTE: I have the Camelot Edition. Card interpretations are brilliant - the readings are both apt and enlightening.
Marseille-Angel Tarot v2.0

Rider Waite Tarot v2.0
FF: 249kb: Win9x: 3 Card spread and divinatory meanings. Good card display. By Cosmo Soft Brasil

: 256kb: Win9x: 3 Card Spread and divinatory meanings. Good card display.
Secret Of Tarot v1.0 Freeware Demo: 1.71MB: Win9x/NT4: ...... Will not expire.
Rider Trumps: Two spreads; (Line of Life and YES/NO) both 5 cards. Save & Load your readings. No Print function.
TarotEase v2.0
Winsite download page
Freeware Demo: 740kb: Win9x: By Bradford Younie . Will not expire
If you like the program you are asked to register it for $15.
Explorer-like window lists all 78 cards, text only - no pics. Double-click a 'card' to open another window with the meanings, upright & reversed. User may create new decks with custom meanings. LIMITATIONS in demo version: No reversed meanings with default deck. Unable to edit meanings or create new decks from within the program. Default deck is Starfire Tarot.
Download problem? Search
Winsite and download from there.
FF:730kb: Win9x: Author has other original freeware esoterica - visit his website ?
This is a French program with 3 spreads & 22 Cards. No full card-faces because the cards are numbered with text meanings displayed across a graphic surround. But the graphic surrounds, the card backs AND the card meanings are fully editable, with a default choice of 4 different surrounds. Very intuitive to use if you can't read French; customise your card meanings then enter your question (in the obvious place) then click the button named 'Lancer la Voyance' - and Voila, you have your answer! (In English if you've edited the cards).
TarotAssistant4Win v3.1
Winsite download page
FF: 3.40MB: Win9x:(I contacted the Author about this program, but he has moved on to Linux/Unix)
A Tarot Browser with pics. Fully editable to enable additions of any card system or even Runes. Sadly the default deck only contains a sample of 10 cards. However, anyone who can create an MS Access database (including pics) will have no problem. Also includes three divinatory spreads.
Tarot Icos FF: 99.2kb: Win Icons. . . Created by TrigonMan. From the Connelly Deck
A zipped pack of 76 Tarot Icons - all the Trumps including some alternative designs.

Some original Tarot icons can also be downloaded from Bobbies website.
PDF Tarot Tutorial
Right-click and Save to disk
FF: PDF download: Requirements; Adobe Acrobat
This is a full Tarot Tutorial by Peter Denvid Wright.


version 3.1
Download Page

FF: 744kb: Updated release August 2005: CardMage v3.1 by Katzmiff Dec 2002 -Aug 2005
Divination and Spellcasting with Playing cards. See the program specs & screen shots and download it direct from the site. Includes other downloads of the default program card decks and a Template Cards zip if you want to design your own deck!
History: Version 3.0 March 2005 = Bug fixes, Changes & Additions.
.............Version 3.1 August 2005 = Minor Update re.installing custom decks.


FF: 563kb: April 2004: by Katzmiff Dec 2003 -2004: Win 95-98-2000-XP-NT4. Required VB6 runtimes.
Foretell (Continental) is divination with the 32 card (Continental) deck of playing cards. This method uses the reversed cards (64 meanings). Program includes 7 (customisable) Spreads. The positions-meanings can be edited and also the two sets of card-meanings. The cards are dealt into stacks from which X amount are drawn from each pile for the divinations. Save the Spreads and/or all card meanings to file. Helpfile explains methods used with this system. Options include using a Significator & choice of 6 cardbacks. Screen resolution 800x600 and higher. NOTE: If you downloaded this before 14th May 2004 please download again. There was a glitch on program startup which has been fixed.
Destiny Mini-Cards

Destiny Helpfile
Destiny mini-Cards:
746kb: Win: Sample Cartomancy program from Robert Camp. Unfortunately it has been configured to only accept USA date format. If your pc has any other date format the program won't work unless you alter it in the Control Panel\Regional Settings\Date to be mm/dd/yyyy.
The program does the same as the free Destiny Reading java applet at
7-Thunders plus it also allows you to go forward or backward one day to see the daily cards that passed and the one that is coming. Visit the Robert Lee Camp website.

Destiny Windows Help:
FF: Windows 3.1/9x/XP This Free Destiny Help file explains all the basic card meanings & dates, also includes pics of the 52 card deck. Use it to discover your Birth Card & Karma Cards.

Destiny Book

FF: 654.1kb: Win: ..E-Book, very professional (With ads for Destiny products), by Isidro Nilsson. Contains much the same as the free Destiny Help, which I found easier to use.
DestinyCardsBasic F: 1.54MB: Windows 95/98/XP: By Robert Camp:
No-install, just click cards.exe to run the program. Enter a date (month/day: eg: 07/23 = July 7th) and click the Get Card button. Optional readings for the displayed card are; Birth Card, Planetary Periods (mercury, venus mars etc.), Basic, Environment, etc. You can Edit and Save the card text on the fly, and Print out all card meanings.
New Fortune FF: 1781571 bytes: Win95/98/98se..This will also run on WindowsXP.. By DebbieW555
Described as "A fortune telling game using a deck of cards". This is a system of Cartomancy from the book Gong Hee Fot Choy. Large window with 32 life-areas, conditions, wishes etc. Shuffle & Print functions. Minimum resolution, 800x600
WindowsXP:..New Fortune is pathed to the winmm.dll which in Win9x is located in C:\Windows\System.
WinXP has the correct version .dll but it's in C:\Windows\System32. Just browse to the .dll file and Copy it into C:\Windows\System and the program will run fine.

Temple Cards

FF: 720kb: Playing Card Diviner. Win 9x. By Daniel Templeman.
Three basic spreads, (Celtic, 3 cards, Qabalistic) with Keyword interpretations for Guidance and Knowledge. Scrollable list of all card meanings for the spreads. Visit the
Sigil Website updates.


Oracles & Divinations with other Card Decks

Psychic Kindergarten Cards v.4.0

FF: 1.2MB: . Win 95 - XP: By Bruce Mclaughlin. Also available for Mac PCs at his Website.
64 card deck. Non-graphic cards, just a title and a short description. "Suggested uses:- to learn about your spirituality - to have fun - to promote your spiritual, physical, and material well being - to help you find your spiritual freedom". Has single card or a 3 card draw. Will save your questions & answers to a database for reference. This program has an unusal interface with a well thought-out deck of cards.
NOTE: 2007: The website for listed card meanings in their catagories (i.e: Emotions - Intellect etc.) is sadly no longer available. This is a no-install program. Just double-click the file Psychic Kindergarten Cards v4.0.EXE to run it.
Download problem? Alternate download from

Herbal Deck
Right-click and Save to disk

FF: 564kb: PDF download: Requirements Adobe Acrobat. Herbal Cards.From Ascendpress.
48 Herbal Cards
"to Support Ascending Initiates" including full card interpretation/meanings
These full-colour/photographic cards are for users to Copy/Paste and create their own deck. Copyright belongs to Ascendpress.

Download Page
Opens in separate window.

FF: July 2003: Win95/98/XP : By Katzmiff. Update Oct 2003. Fully customisable Position Meanings and Card Meanings, just edit/change the default meanings. Options include using full deck (37 cards) or reduced deck (24 cards), with different card meanings for each deck; Spare cards can be dealt with all 12 Spreads for clarifying a reading; Deal all cards upright for divination readings via postion meanings (or not, as you please), plus more... Original deck with Egyptian deities and heiroglyphs (Ideograms). Printout of position & card meanings. Oct 2003: print out all card meanings! Download it now - it's Free!

Download Page
Opens in separate window.

FF: October 2003: Win95/98/XP: By Katzmiff. Original deck with 45 Pagan Images. Fully customisable Position meanings and Card meanings. Eleven Spreads. Options include dealing all cards upright (no upside-down cards) and/or deal all cards face-down (left-click to turn face-up). Choice of six cardbacks. Print and Save.

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..Tutorials & Links. . . There's so much Tarot on the Internet, so here are just a few Lessons & Links.
Learn Tarot Online Tarot Course, or download it for offline study.
Mastering Tarot Tarot Lessons for beginners. Very thorough tutorial; basics, dignitaries, spreads, 16 lessons and more. This is Pauls SuperTarot website.
Comparative Tarot This site gives meanings from many different tarot decks for both the Minor and Major cards. There are more than 40 Deck interpretations for each card, just click a Deck link for the meaning. The link is to the Fool page. Use the panel on the left to select a card. Reccommended.
Pythagorean Tarot Indepth individual card meanings with pics. Plus divination & meditation sections. By John Opsopaus.
Mary Cowan Journal This is Mary Cowans card -a-day tarot journal. Dates from Oct/Nov 2003 to August 2004. She comments on the daily card and her experience of it. Good for getting an idea about discovering/relating the cards to your every-day life. An interesting read.
Tarot Trumps Tarot Trump card meanings. Click a card to see it's interpretation.
  ~ ~ Tarot Links to useful or downright odd sites ~ ~

Experimental Tarot

FREE DOWNLOAD of the full Experimental Deck (.jpgs) and their meanings and Suit info

DIY Tarot Deck

Create your own Collage Tarot deck. Instructions, tips and examples. By Michele Jackson.
If you find any other sites or articles by Michele they will definatly be worth vistiting/reading.
~Dori Midnights Tarot ~ ~ Get an online reading with these original hand-crafted cards. Cards include: Whisky, Hair-dye, Leather, Carnival, Clean the Closet, and Altar, to name but a few. One meaning for the Whisky card is, "Sort of disoriented, tipsy but burning with uninhibited truths." Click a card for it's interpretation, in the interpretation window you can then click to view the next cards meaning. A very modern (daily life) deck.
Morgans Tarot Online reading with most unusual New Age cards - also browse Individual card info. Morgan's Tarot was Inspired by various spiritual traditions, especially Tibetan Buddhism, but most of the cards reflect direct experience. There are 88 cards.
View Tarot Decks 1

View Tarot & Card Decks 2

Browse Tarot Decks 3

Listed Tarot Deck sites and lots of decks to view. (Mystic Eye)

Online Card Musem, view old & new (inc. collectors) card decks. Chinese site with some english, easy to navigate. A beautiful collection of cards. This is Mai Jian Hua's site.

Browse tarot decks. Click a card to see pics of the full deck. Lots here.
OshoZen Reading Online Tarot reading with the OshoZen deck. This site also has info. re. Meditation.
Astarte's TarotWeb Tarot information for Trumps, Minor arcana and Spreads. Also Tarot deck reviews with some card pics. All decks are from US Games (with their permission). An interesting site, now run by Lysander.
Pendragons Site This link is to the page which shows all decks that are based on the Rider-Waite deck, plus historical & other information about them. Helpful if you're into Rider-waite decks.
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~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Cartomancy Links: Info & Tutorials ~ ~
HedgeWitch Cartomancy This is Dawn R. Jacksons site. The cartomancy tutorial for the standard 52 deck is in three parts; 1) for the witch of poor/dismal memory, 2) for the witch of middling memory, and 3) for the witch of exceptional memory. The system teaches memorising the card meanings and reading a combination of cards by a set of (witch) Rules. The tutorial is very well written, easy to follow, includes examples, and leads you from applying the first simple rules to final in-depth readings.If you're brand new to cartomancy, or can't get along with the system you're using, this may be for you. Browse this sites' other pages for further traditional craft-lores. (I found this to be an amazingly accurate system). Recommended.
The Lenormand Cards If you're looking for something beyond the brief booklet information that comes with the Mll. Lenormand 36 deck, visit this site. Here you will find a short tutorial and all the card meanings as used in practice, plus some very useful & helpful pointers to reading the 36 card spread. There is also Mll. Lenormand info. and some other spreads for you to try out. Recommended.
Lenormand Forum This forum covers many divination subjects, but the main topic is the discussion of card meanings for quite a large number of divination decks - very enlightening. The link on the left will take you to the Individual Lenormand Cards area. Browse to the Lenormand Combos for examples and readings of the cards in combination. You are able to post your questions/insights and also respond to other posts. This is Seaqueens site and is continually being updated. Recommended.

SerenaPowers cartomancy Tutorial

A well known site for Cartomancy & Tarot. And here is the link for Serenas' Tarot Tutorial page
Medieval Card Calendar This calendar uses the full 52 deck plus the two jokers and shows correspondances with both the annual Solar, and Lunar cycles. It is the result of Mr Kelleys research. A very interesting and informative calendar for cartomancers.
Somerville Cards A very large collection of playing cards from Europe, the UK, and various other countries, with many, many different designs including re-productions of ancient decks. They also have Tarot and Fortune telling decks. Browse the site using the links in their left panel. Lots of cards here with a nice clear sample selection of card pics for each deck. Ideal if you want to know what playing cards are commercially available. An enjoyable visit. (....and reasonable prices!)
Arcana Arcanorum The Playing Card Oracle - all the Playing Card meanings. (A bit different)
Talisman Another site with Playing Card meanings.
TwelveOfHearts Online Tutorial and an e-group here.
SacredGrove Divination Witchcraft index: Explanation & info re. Playing Cards. (Very dark page with red text)
A Quick Guide Here's a quick guide to the Playing Cards by Cheryl Lynne Bradley.
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