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All programs will run on Windows 95/98/98se & usually on NT/2000/ME/XP unless otherwise stated
NOTE: Demo & evaluation programs will not expire - but please read brief reviews
FF = Full Freeware
MedHerb 1.0 Evaluation: 2.20kb: Dos: Opens a dos window on a Win9X desktop. Won't expire.
A-Z Herb listing and medical uses with a Search function for Herb or Ailment.
ChineseHerbology FF: 39.9kb: Win 9x: Free for Private/personal use.
Herbal names are in Chinese Mandarin (Ping-Ying) enabling users to buy from Chinese stores.
Herb Power Demo: 3.62kb: Dos: Opens a dos screen on Win9x desktop. Won't expire.
15 herbs are described, displayed & explained for health, cooking & cosmetic purposes.

Dr Weeds Herbal

FF: 1.94kb: Win9x: An e-book: Free for private/personal use.
Opens a dos-type window (best viewed in full screen). Very comprehensive, has search function for herb or ailment. Also includes Dr Weeds products.
Right-click and Save Target to disk
FF: 348.6kb: Winx: pdf file: A Bach Flower Repertory
A full repertory of symptoms & the Flower remedies to use.
PerfumersWorkbook FF: 1.32MB: Win3x/95/98/98se . .Very comprehensive. Visit the Website !
Stockbook-cum-Database-cum-Recipebook for writing your own formulas. Listed Oils, Flowers, Essences etc. & their constituants, with graphic references.
Herb Magic FF: 40.9kb: The Zip contains 23 .htm files for display in your browser.
Listed herbs with medicinal, magickal & growing information.
NOTE: No Index, "L" or "X" or "Z".
Magical Herbs v2.0 Unregistered shareware: 907kb: Win3x: runs O.K. on Win95/98/98se. Won't expire.
Originally from CompuSoft Technologies. Includes the scientific and folk names, gender, element, planet, and powers, along with the magical uses of the plant. This shareware includes information on only ten herbs. However the program is old, and a text file which explains how to make additions/amendments to the herb database is included with the zip if you download from
here. It

If you have found a free program or working demo
that could be included here please
e.m.a.i.l me

FF = Full Freeware

DOWNLOAD dream Dreams ~ Lucidity ~ Sleep
Dream Analysis FF: 179kb: : Win9x: From Aisling
A Dictionary of Dream Terms in the form of two Windows Help files.
Dream Temple Demo: 4.76MB: Win9x: From DreamTemple. Won't expire.
Full function Dream Journal except for import & export, and will only Save 10 dreams.
To run Dream Temple use the password DEMO (i.e.all capital letters).
See their online
Dream-Symbol Libraray
Dream Master
Winsite download page
Evaluation: 4.33MB: Win9x: Author John Anthony: Won't expire.
Full version has a database of around 5,000 meanings. Only 500 in this evaluation.
NiteWorld F- unregistered: 978kb: Win3x/95/98. By Steve Winter: Won't expire.
Interactive guide to sleep and dreaming. Comprehensive coverage of sleep, insomnia, lucidity, sleep problems etc. This unregistered version has negligable limitations.
QLucid FF: 15kb: Dos: from Orbical Software. Opens a dos screen.
A program to induce Lucid Dreams - also ideal for meditation.
Lucid Dream Aid FF: 89.5kb: Plays a sound whilst you're asleep to induce lucidity.
Right-click and Save Target to disk
FF: 340kb: pdf file: From Don DeGracia: Visit Dons site !
Techniques for achieving lucid dreams. Written from the occult angle of astral projecting, but the techniques are valid. Also includes his four Plane Talk Columns.
More articles & downloads about OOBE, lucidity, astral travel, science & occultism at his site....
Lucille2.0 FF: 554kb: Win9x: From Mythwell: This Full edition is a freebie for now.
User configurable Lucid Dream program.
SleepySounds1.1 FF: 433kb: Win95,98,Me: Designed in accordance with medical recommendations to promote deeper relaxation both before and after sleeping.
(It downloads with a file-name of, "2" so rename it to "sleepysounds.exe" then run it.)
Sleepz1.0.0 FF: 417kb: All Windows: Program your computer to play sleep-inducing sounds.
Sleep Diary
Right-click and Save Target to disk
FF: 1.00MB: pdf file:
Simply a printable Sleep Diary to document your sleep patterns for a consultation. Useful for recording your sleeping patterns/habits for your own uses.

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Is there a Broken link? Have you found a good Link or a Free program?...Please. e.m.a.i.l me

FF = Full Freeware


well~ ~ ~ Wellbeing for Body & Spirit ~ ~ ~

Right-click and Save Target to disk

FF: 955kb: pdf file:
31 page Healing Stone Book with 240 Gemstones and 48 color photos

Tibetan Rites

FF: 29.7kb: Authors at Cerebrex: e-book
Free e-book originally known as The Five Rites Of Rejuvenation. The actual title is the Eye Of Revelation published in 1939. Simple yoga-like exercises that energise the chakras.

Positive Thinking

FF:721.7kb: Author: Peter Vitall
Double-click the download to install a folder. In the folder double-click the file aindex.htm. Personal life areas are covered. Runs in a browser. Nice.

Yoga Freeware2.0

FF: 10.91MB: From Zentrum: YogaFreeware recent version.
Introduction to Yoga, instruction, asanas, & pictures.


FF: 3.66MB: Recent version: Zentrum software from SelfRealization.
Introduction to Natural healing.

Health v3.0.199
(Diabetic software)

FF: 3.8MB: By Health Diabetic Software. . (U.K. download site) Recommended
Designed for people with Diabetes and/or Hepertension (High Blood Pressure). "Health" Records and Graphs your Blood Glucose, Blood Pressure (Systolic, Diastolic, and Pulse), Weight, and A1c values. The BG values can be the United States (mg/dL) or the World (mmol/L) standards. The User enters the readings manually
. The data can be viewed in a line or bar graph. Additionally you can record your Supplements and keep a Diary. Check site for updates and other free health software.

Fitness ABC.v7.8
Right-click and Save Target to disk

FF: 536kb:Win9x/2000: PDF file: By Nick Smith
An official training manual released by the International Fitness Association. It's a comprehensive guide to numerous subjects ranging from nutrition to weight training. The manual also covers more professionally oriented topics such as physiology, kinesiology and proper treatment of sports injuries.
If you have a download problem please visit the
International Fitness website.

The Healer v1.0

FF: 117kb: Win9x: By Kuthumi
This program is a collaboration between You, Spirit & Software. Performs Healing and can be used to infuse a substance (i.e. water) for healing purposes. Most unusual.


FF: 6.78MB: Win9x: From Zentrum
A data-bank of homeopathic remedies, information, symptoms and afflictions.

Master&Disciple v1.0

FF: 98.31K: All Windows: Requires MS Reader: Publisher Edpot
Contains lessons in life. Its table of contents covers Karma, Existence, Contentment, Detachment, Dreams, Goals, Happiness, and Arrogance.

Right-click and Save Target to disk

FF:320kb: pdf file: Inner Guidance Developement. From The Healing Touch

Spirit Awareness

FF: 1.26MB:Screen Saver
Displays gently appearing messages of a (Christian) spiritual nature.

Right-click and Save Target to disk

FF: 41.2kb: PDF. Right-Click & Save to disk. From DoveFromAbove Christian.
Questionaire re.
"Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts". Work through a Spiritual Gifts Inventory and access youself.

Spiritual Snack

FF: 885kb: From Heavenly Software
The Spiritual Snack puts a Bible in the System Tray area (next to your clock) and displays an inspirational message whenever you put your cursor over the Bible. This Freeware version randomly changes the message every minute and contains 33 different encouraging messages on Who You Are in Christ.

The Qur'an

FF: 2.63MB: Win9x/2x/NT/XP/Me: In English,German & Arabic: By Samir Alicehajic
The Holy Koran: A lovely animated book with custom user features and accompanying MP3. More info about this program plus other MP3s can be downloaded from
Samirs' site.

WELLBEING is experienced differently by different people. If you have found a free program that meets
your needs & it is'nt here, please
.. e.m.a.i.l me ..there must be others like you who would appreciate it.

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FF = Full Freeware


~ ~ ~ Meditation ~ ~ ~

Heart Meditation
Right-click and "Save Target As"

FF: 10MB: MP3: From the SpiritOfAngels meditation website
A Heart Centering Meditation.


FF: A Course in Natural Meditation from the Natural-Meditation website.


FF: Zipped Website Photocharge Meditation: This complete stress management system includes modified yoga & meditation exercises. The whole site is a Tutorial for this.


FF: Meditation Screen Savers: Three animated Meditation Theraphy screen savers with spiritual (Buddhist) themes. Calming and inspiring. 700kb, 700kb, & 1.5MB.

The Jewel Of Awakening
also includes background chanting & needs an MP3 player.
For a preview & a browse
Visit the website ?



Assessment Tool

FF:1.53Mb. From Deep Mind. Visit the website for full details re. using this software. They also have a free Meditation Tutor for download. An interesting & informative site.
"The basis of this application is very simple. Every time a number is flashed on the screen, the subject selects the colour they associate with that number. The computer keeps a record of the colours they choose for each number. Once enough data has been collected, a basic statistical assesment is calculated."

ESP Test 3.0

FF: 1.17MB: Test your paranormal abilities. Includes statistics to give you a clear statement about your Psi Level & a simple Alpha-Wave Generator that allows you to meditate so as to improve your psychic abilities. Help file gives step-by-step guidance.


FF: 943.3kb: Author: Rosemary West: Was shareware but is now Freeware.
Another well-coded magical program from Rosemary. She is no longer keeping an archive of her older programs so please visit the
RK West website for updates and new programs.


FF: 310kb: e-book: From J.B. Mullen.
If you don't think you're psychic, think again! These questions and your answers might just surprise you. So download this free electronic booklet with graphics and sound files.

Tones2 v1.3

FF: For inducing altered states of mind. Produces tones for paranormal studies on the computer speaker ranging from 18.21Hz to 655.35Hz.


FF: 151kb: Generates Sound Blaster (.VOC) voice files that, when listened to with stereo headphones, will synchronize your brainwave patterns into any desired state.

ZenWare v3.1a

F Demo version: 126kb: Updated 2003/4 to version 3.1a. Win 95/98: Author: Dale Bock. Will not expire.
Techniques utilized for centuries are encapsulated in this little program. Opens a dos box on Windows desktop. Supports mouse & keyboard. Options are Relaxation (progressive), or Meditation (breath counting). Registered version has more options. The exercises in this demo are both professional and effective.


FF: 37.6kb: Brain testing program:
Test how a person, or yourself, uses the left & right hemispheres of the brain.

NCH ToneGenerator

FF: 225.7kb: Free for demonstration and testing purposes only. Simple but useful tone generator if you're into white noise for meditation. Plays sine, square, triangle, sawtooth, impulse, pink or white noise at a selected frequency using a Windows computer and a sound card. Includes documentation for usage. ( I haven't tried this one )


FF: 15kb: Screen Saver: If you prefer visual meditation aids, this screen saver displays TV white 'snow'. Just Unzip the file "WhiteNoise.scr" to your System directory then open Display properties in the Control Panel and select the WhiteNoise screen saver.

Animated pinwheel

FF: 21.5kb: BIG SPIRAL or Pinwheel Spiral: Animated: You can hynoptise yourself or make your eyes go funny - be aware it can be EFFECTIVE. I disclaim all responsiblity for misuse or untoward effects. The downloadable one is a stand-alone program. Double-click it and it will fill your screen. Press Escape to close it.
Here's a smaller
. spiral preview (opens in a new browser window)Spiral number one

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..Resources & Links
Aromatheraphy Guide Essential Oils/symptoms: Carrier Oils: A-Z glossary of Oils.
Aromatheraphy correspondances Scroll to the bottom of their page for the Aromatherapy Table.
Herbal-Shaman Commercial site with cross reference index of Herb names & their Botanical names. Plus info on herb gardening - growing the herbs etc.
Herbs & health Free herb & health e-book downloads. Have a browse.
Herbal Grimorie Indexed Herbs & Resins with magical instructions for their uses. Chosen Herb will open in new window. Browse their site for other pagan/magical info. (Scroll to bottom of page)
Homeopathy Reference Download Medicine & Homeopathic books. These are text files (DOS, RTF, Word or HTML) and are complete electronic copies of books which are free of copyright restrictions. i.e. Freebies. Recommended
Homeopathic Educational Services Leading resource center for homeopathic books, tapes, medicines, software, correspondence courses, and general information. Information-dense Homeopathic Medicine site.
INC Software - Alternative health A directory of the major Alternative Health disciplines; acupuncture, aromatherapy, alexander technique, chiroptractic, herbal medicine, osteopathy, reflexology etc. Also LINKS to suppliers of alternative health poducts. A useful search-index.
-Reflexology Info Foot Charts & Body areas. Specific foot-areas for specific ailments. Free access online Info.
# ALSO online Numerology - Personality test - Western & Chinese Horoscopes - Graphology - Feng Shui - Palm reading. ( # These appear to be commercial )
Iridology / Irisology General info, short article, book recommendations, iridology schools. Mainly commercial but good Iridology chart to download.
Working with Animal Spirits The heading on this site says "Shamanism". However it lists many animals (over 300...) and their 'message/meanings' for those who would choose to approach healing by working with animal-spirits. Option to hear Real Audio animal sounds for each creature.
Lucis Trust - Inner Sight 30min esoteric-type voice audios available for listening to online using Realplayer or to download (10mb each). Subjects:- Spiritual Law - New Age - Meditation - The Seven Rays - Karma - Evolution - World Teacher(s) - Animal Kingdom, and more. ( 65 in all - a complete series! )
Hypnosis Audio Graphics plus scripts: This site is about Self-hynosis for Sleep, Meditation, Relaxation, Affirmation - etc. You can copy/download scripts. ( SCRIPTS = hypno text/speech )
Online Meditation Author Melanie Griffiths: Six meditations to choose from. Gentle music, small soothing graphics and a mantra for you to repeat (If you wish). No hype - no popups - no ads. Calming, relaxing & tranquil. Just choose your med. then sit back and RELAX. Recommended.
Beyond-The-Illusion HUGE site for Dreams - Altered states - OutOfBody: Plus lots of Downloads!
The Dream Foundation How to use your dreams: Improve your recall, end your nightmares. Learn Dream Integration = interpretation & beyond. Good dream site.
Sleep Forum Site about sleep disorders: Browse around for information re. symptoms, causes, remedies etc. Lots of Forums here.
The Sleep Machine Free cd samples to download - Nature sounds or Machine sounds, all of them said to induce sleep, relaxation etc.
Insomnia Page Many approaches & methods to help with various symptoms.
Dream Gate (LINKS) Resources: Index of Dream Related Venues & Sites
DreamQuiz Indepth dream quiz. Although created for commercial purposes, this is a good DIY approach to aid in discovering what your dream symbols mean, and recalling your dreams.
Robert Bruce Downloads Free downloads & online info. about Auras, Energy Body Development, OOBE, Astral Dynamics etc. The Copyright belongs to Robert Bruce - but you have his permission to use these Downloads on your website, at home & on your PC.
Astral Voyage Site about astral projection - tips & ideas re. leaving the body. Links to other useful sites & books to read.
Yahoo Search page Astral Projection
Lots to surf/browse through if you're into Astral Projection.
Metaphysical Reference Online A-Z Metaphysical Reference. Very comprehensive.
Psychic LINKS site Many LINKS to psychic websites, pages, articles etc.
Zen Tutorial This is the beginning page of a Zen Tutorial. Browse the site!
The Buddhist Novice Very clear & straightforward Tutorial Site. Tibetan approach.
Kahuna Teachings The Seven Principles , the Three Selves, and the Four Levels of Reality.
There's also a good Intro to Kahuna/Huna Healing
Quotes For Peace Site full of meaningful & insightful quotes. If you're anxious, perplexed or just feeling philosophical this is a place to try.
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