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It is time to sing in the Seat of the Wise, of what at Urds Well, I saw in silence - saw and thought on...

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NOTE: Demo & evaluation programs will not expire - but please read brief reviews.
All programs will run on Windows 95/98/98se & usually NT/2000/ME/XP unless otherwise stated
DOWNLOAD FF = Full Freeware
RuneCaster v.1.0

RuneCaster Manual

RuneLearn v1.0
FF: 852kb: RuneCaster v1.0 Author: Oyar. Website

Has seven rune-casts - these cover any & every conceivable approach. A good in-program Help Panel, ( Menu/Help or press F1). Three levels of rune interpretation; Primary, Subjective & Objective. Upright & reversed runes with options for randomising/choosing runes, which may be Traditional or Seeded. You can also customise the Rune Form for Printing.
A comprehensive program, suitable for beginners & advanced. The author also has other free downloads;
The RuneCaster Manual, self explanatory: RuneLearn (570kb), a very good program for both beginners and rune-lovers: RuneForms, a .pdf file (for printing forms): The book Runes & Runemal a .pdf file (Runemal = rune cast).
Check out your Personality Signature while you're there! This is a site you won't want to miss.
Rune Paths v1.0 FF: 351kb: Win9x/2000/ME/NT/XP. Author Katzmiff. March 2004

Divination and Decision Making with the runes of the Elder Furthark.
There are 11 Paths which can be applied to anything within the scope of your enquiry, just select the most appropriate Paths of action for your query and then Cast the Runes (1 - 4), they will reveal the outcome of each Path, choose wisely!

Options include using Duplicate &/or Highlighted runes. Highlighted runes can signify positve/negitive energies, or whatever you wish, this feature is customisable. There are two sets of Rune meanings, both can be edited and Saved.
Print & Save your RuneCasts, &/or all the 24 Rune Meanings in current use.
Windows Help (with 2 example readings). Auto Install and Uninstall.
Features & Download page. (Opens in separate window, please close after use).
Runic Oracle FF: 4750kb: Win9x/XP/NT: Author Alexander Kolesnikov. Website Now (2006) at an English website.

Feb.2006: This program has undergone some revision. Please visit website for future updates and other freeware programs Alexander is developing,. A nice user-friendly site with an informative Blog where users can post feedback direct to Alexander.
While you're there have a look at the online Lunar Calendar & Planetry Calendar. The Lunar Calendar is now a stand-alone downloadable program, jump to
Esoteric Page for details/download.

A neat rune program with an attractive user-friendly interface. Choose your Runes from the 24 (face-down) Furthark. Nice clear Menu buttons for; One Rune and Three Rune readings, Info, and Close.
The interpretations are insightful and written in such a way that the meanings can be applied to any level of inquiry. This is a No-Install program, just double-click the download file and the Runic Oracle will run.


FF: 2.23MB: Win9x/XP/NT: By MysticBoard. (Mystic Board Forum).
Enter Name, birthdate and question, then choose type of Rune (image), and type of Spread. There is a choice of 5 Rune-types and 5 Spreads with an option to choose either or both of them later on. By default the casting includes reversed & merkstave runes. The divination readout is clearly presented, however the reading for
Ingwaz Reversed does'nt display.
Download is from
http://www.soft-album.com. Note: During install the program will want to access the internet, refusal will not affect the running of the program.
Downoad 1) Runes
Downoad 2) Runes
FF: 1.40Mb: Win9x (& poss. XP): From Mystic Eye. Author Rune Woman.
This is a small Rune program with a 3 rune spread plus a reading for each rune. Simple, clear interface with three buttons, Start, Clear, and Exit. Created with VB6 (Requirements VB6 runtimes).

  Storyteller Runes v1.5

FF: 1.40Mb: Win9x (& prob. XP): Author Raechel Henderson.

This program helps you to write/compose using the Elder Furthark. You can draw a rune based on a characters name or a situation, just type in few key words and press 'Draw Rune' and you're on your way!
Each rune (meaning) has a Keyword, a Quote, and meanings relating to three catagories of, Prop, Character, and Scene.
NOTE: There is a Winsite download for this program which wrongly attributes authorship to Joseph Carmer (also a programmer). Joseph himself has contacted me about this mistake. This download is from Raechels own site.


FDemo: 2.12Mb: From Sahara Software. (Will not expire)
This demo has four runecasts, two of which don't function. The remaining two work reasonably well, with an Interpretation & Keyword. However the Helpfile is only for the Rune-casts and How To Use The Program, there is nothing for the Rune or Card Meanings.
SpokenRunes FF: 565Kb: Win 9x/XP/NT: Author Katzmiff.
Created from the Runemakers (Robert Oswald) free browser program called "Spoken Furthark".
The 24 Elder Furthark are displayed according to their Aette. Just select an Aette to display its' Runes. Clicking on a Rune will play its' Anglo-Saxon (English) pronounciation. All voice recordings are those of the RuneMaker, including his introduction.
A No-Install program. Unzip the download and double-click SpokenRunes.exe to run the program.
News + update 2007: There was a problem hearing the Introduction sound-file on some WinXP platforms, fixed it.
As of August 2007: Sadly the Runemakers website no longer exists, although members may still receive a news letter.
ES Tarot&RuneReader F. Adware: 2.63Mb: From EchidnaSoft. This download is the earlier/older Rune+Tarot version, (filename = estrr.exe)

The Adware is a large banner across the top. Program has 10 Tarot spreads and 6 Runecasts which include the blank Rune. Nice clear graphics with an option to display as HTML in your browser. Drawbacks: No interpretations or Card/Rune meanings whatsoever. No Print or Save function. No Helpfile. For those who don't/won't bother with these three functions, this is a nicely presented program.
Another (more recent) version from this Author is OS Collective Tarot. A Tarot only program, it's a joint effort from EchidnaSoft & OccultSites (OS). The Tarot program can downloaded from the
Tarot/Cartomancy page. (2.89Mb)
Runecaster-Personal 1.0 FF: approx: 200kb .zip file, or 400kb .exe file. Author Lorick Dellenqwyn.
Good graphics using macromedia Flash Player; You're sitting with your rune-pounch inside a tent, the flap is open to a serene moonlit sky. There are no distractions save for a small incense burner trailing a wisp of fragrant smoke. In the stillness of this place you reach out and draw a Rune from the pouch....
Operation is Point & Click with the mouse. Choose any number of runes from the pouch, place them in any arrangment you wish. The cast includes both upright & reversed runes. To return them to the pouch click the Reset button.
There is however, no Rune Help and no Interpretation Help. Wonderfully atmospheric for those who know the Runes.
You might like to visit the
RuneCasting Tent, browse around, and download from there.
RagnarRocks 1.01 Claims to be Shareware - but won't expire. I've been unable to trace the Author(s) about this program. Uses Scandanavian Runes. Win3.x/95/98/98se. Not tried on NT/ME/2000/XP.

Opens a Dos window on the Desktop. Operation is Point & Click with the mouse. F1 for Help. There are Four Runecasts & Three Gods to choose an interpretation from. However only Freya is available in this unregisteed version.Interpretation &/or Rune-pics can be printed out or copied to the clipboard.
"Shuffle the stones while holding your question in your head, and then click on the chosen rune-backs. The runes you choose will be shown on the left; and once you have a full spread (be it the single rune or the 6 rune layout), you can then ask any of the 3 Gods (Odin, Freya or Loki, reading from left to right) for an interpretation by clicking on that God's icon."
NOTE: Filename is "RagnaRox101". Included here due to it's unusual & appealing approach, as the Gods would of course, advise each according to their specific characteristics.
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Other Downloads

Furthark Gifs FF: Free Graphics from PaganRunes: These are black Runes drawn on a white background.
For your webpage or any other purpose. Includes several versions of the Furthark. These Gifs are from here, I downloaded them individually and zipped them up for this page. Please visit PaganRunes for a browse around.
Runic Fonts FF: 59.4Kb. Pack of three True Type Fonts. Author Unknown.
Gullhornet contains 109 characters from the older rune alphabet, both common Germanic runes and Anglo-Saxon and Frisian ones. It contains all characters of the older rune alphabet included in UNICODE Runic 16A0-16FF. More info in the included document.
Old Norse contains two fonts: Times Regular, with some old English/Norse characters included and Tymes Regular, old English/Norse characters only.
Runes: This font is the Elder Furthark. Also included is a Wordpad document with the keyboard mapping.
Tolkien Icon Pack FF: 24.7Kb: Artist/Author Barry L. Layman
26 Icons of faces & places from Tolkiens 'Lord of the Rings'.
12 Tolkien Icons FF: 12 Tolkien Icons from Misctolkien where you also find Free Tolkien Desktop Themes (windows) to download.
Swedish Icon page FF: 28 Viking Icons can be downloaded from this site.

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..Rune Tutorials & Links. . .
ARILD HAUGE’S RUNES This has got to be the most useful, informative and comprehensive site on the web. If you need to know or understand anything about the Runes & their developement through time & various lands, then this is the site to visit. Here you will find the Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Germanic, AngloSaxon & Greenland Runes, their meanings, the Sagas and lots more. Arilds' site is Norwegian with English pages. A mandatory visit! Recommended
The Origin of Runes: Very interesting article. Several runic scripts displayed & commented on.

Timeless Myths

Very well presented information and images of the Norse legends, Worlds and Gods. Strives for accuracy and welcomes positive feedback. This is Jimmys site.
Runes & Runemals This is Oyars site. A great deal of work & research has gone into his Rune meanings & correspondances. There's a Tutorial and other articles including Runes & The Chakras. A must-see site.
Alphabet of Mystery Rune Intro - Origins - Meanings - Pronounciation- Casting -Tarot correspondances - Tattos. Make a rune set - Runes & magic - Mythology - Poems. The gods/godesses/giants/dwarves. The Sagas & Edda and other literature. Very comprehensive coverage!
Rune Meanings Very sound Tutorial & Rune-sense by Susan Granquist. Recommended.
~ ~ ~Rune Resources On The Net Nice list of resources here
Earth-Dancing Good RuneSite - bindrunes - rune calendars - rune meanings - the aetts - etc: Throrough tutorial-type pages on The Furthark runes.
Odinic Rite The official website of The Odinic Rite. A reference guide & magazine about Odinism.
Rune Articles Articles for download: May be downloaded as text, html, html+pics or pics only.
Rune Divination & Magic Info about the aetts and the Divinatory & Magical use of each Rune.
Scandinavian Runes The origins & meanings of the 24 Elder Furhark Scandinavian Runes.
FaerieCottage Table of correspondances between Runes, Stones, Flowers, Trees & their meanings. (Scroll to the bottom of the page)
Angelo-Saxon Rune Site Angelo-saxon runes.
~RuneReader A good online Rune Reader (Oracle). Worth a visit.
The Knights of Runes By Karl Hans Welz. Not the usual meanings - and only Eighteen (sacred) rune explanations. If you're looking for something different, you've found it.
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