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All programs will run on Windows 95/98/98se & usually on NT/2000/ME/XP unless otherwise stated
NOTE: Demo & evaluation programs should not expire. Please read brief review.

* DOWNLOAD FF = Full Freeware....
The Numerology Calculator v3.3 FF: 772kb: Win9x/XP: by John Kostura. website
Uses both the Chaldean and Pythagorean Systems to perform calculations as you enter your name, with separate displays for Consonants & Vowels and the sum of numeric distribution of Vowels and Consonants. Includes a date Calculator and a math Calculator with Numerology functions. Quick Reports can be exported to RTF file for MS WordPad or Word. The Help file explains both number systems. Please note no interpretations are given.
Please visit his
website for further information and updates plus other Freeware downloads which currently ( 2005-6) include the Cabalistic Oracle, (cabalistic calculation & meaning of the generated numbers), the Mayan Long Count Calendar and the Mayaonic Calculator.

4-Sight (ForeSight)

FF: 649kb: Windows: Authors: Pastkarma.com. website
Pinnacle system Numerology program. Calculates Name and Date plus interpretations, also includes Monthly & Yearly forecasts. This is an online interactive program at the website, where you will also find online interactive programs for,
Horoscope, Yoga, and a Chinese Almanac.

With numerous online calculators, splashed with cool cartoons and clipart, and devoid of any heavy doses of spirituality, this site is truly a first-rate information and entertainment portal. That does not mean we belittle the penetrating thoughts of the ancient holy men, it simply means we strip the involved subject matter and present only the most engaging facets.
Without making light of the profound ancient beliefs, we still hope to make Pastkarma.com a yuppie & trendy portal. We have no religious affiliation and our only aim is your having fun when you visit our site.
NumerUna FF: 140kb: Win9x+: by Allen Edwall .(As at June 2002, this download version is full freeware)
Fully featured (Pythagorean) pinnacle-method program. VB runtime files are needed & can be downloaded from authors site at
Astrowin.org where you can check for updates and also see his other Free Astrology & Numerology programs.
To install: Unzip and click on setup.exe.
NumberGram v2.2 FF: 156kb: Win 9x/NT/200/XP: by Katzmiff. (Is, was, and will always be Freeware)
Pythagorean: NumberGram calculates Names or Dates or both together, for delination on a nine-square diagram. The output can be applied to three different numerology interpretations. A Numerology helpfile contains descriptions & examples of all three. Additionally there are several Calculation Options to vary the way input is calculated. The program saves your records into catagories, prints NumberScopes - blank & custom etc.
Auto Install and Uninstall.
Requires VB5 runtime file MSVBVM50.DLL which most Windows users already have. If you don't have it, it can be downloaded from
HERE. Copy it into Windows\System.
Mini Numerology
(webpage for download)
FF: 423kb: Win9x: from Marishka
Pinnacles method: Creates a 6-9 page Numerology Report of four of your core numbers,
The Life Path number
The Expression number
The Heart's Desire number
The Personality number
Note: To download; enter your Name and Email at Marishkas page, the program (setup.exe) is emailed to you almost immediately.
By The Numbers FF: 358kb: Dos: by R.K. West
This download is from here. Alternatively you can download this program & other
Free divination programs from the authors site. There's lots of unusual software there. A dos program - it opens a dos-box on Windows (9x) desktop. Doubleclick the file numbers.exe to run the program, and numdoc.exe for the Numerology info & explanation.
Numerology Meditations FF: Win95+: from Aspire
An e-book with meditations on numbers from 1 to 9. The booklet is only available in Windows format. Simply download the booklet, unzip it, and then read it on your computer.
Numerology v2.0 FF: 31.5kb: Win9x: by Maharshi Akilla
A very nice little numerology program with Predictions, Colours, Jewels, Lucky Days & Best Periods in the Year based on the entered name, and Predictions based on the entered date. Pythagorean.
BhartiNumerology v1 FF: 127.4kb: Win9x: by Vjay K Bharti
Generates your Zodiac & Destiny number plus readings then compares them for compatibility with; another person, the current day-number, and the planetry hour from a Table of Planetry Hours. Also lists your favourable days!
BasicNumerology FS: 709kb: PDFs: by Manik Roy. Won't expire
This download contains four .pdf files: "Intro" & "Glosary" which explain the numerology, and two files named "mean" & "chart" which are a number-chart & the NumeroChart. If you use it for 30 days you are asked to register it.
Expert Numbers FF: 1.13MB: Win9x: Software company. Not limited, won't expire.
The program generates your Name & Birthdate numbers & their meanings in four life areas. Will Print & Save to a database. Includes a calendar function.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Freeware Calculators ~ ~
AllerCalc FF: 449.9kb: Win9x: Supports more than 100 functions. With user-defineable constants, functions & conversions. Can store results in unlimited variables. Features inbuilt & user-definable conversions. Customisable keypad and much more... for both students and professionals. Free for personal use.
Calculait 3.35 FF: 364kb: Win9x: By Achilles B. Mina: Customizable 32-bit Windows multifunction calculator that's also a world clock. Includes a powerful expression evaluator, suitable for the engineer or scientist. Features date-days, a constants library, statistic calculation & much more which I don't have the space to describe.
Sicyon2 FF: 2.49MB: Win9x: An all-in-one tool for sci/eng formulae. The core of Sicyon is an expression calculator. Principal features are: estimate a function using variables; user-defined functions & over 50 built-in functions; plot/tabulate a function; find real roots; minimums, maximums and definite integral of a function; fit a function over data set; units converter; database reader with various physical & chemical constants; various add-in tools . On-site HTML manual at Sicyon.com
Datascape 3.0 FF: 290kb: Win9x: By Li Zhaoming. Source code available. NOTE:Check the SITE for updates.
Graphic presentation of scientific data - sine wave graphs etc. It's a 2D linear data plot & browse tool for Win32. It offers many powerful features for graph presentation of scientific data by infinite zooming and various plot styles. It also plots mathematical expressions dynamically & can operate spectrometer, lock-in amplifier, photon counter & I-V unit. Has other capabilities not listed here.....
SteamPi FF: 1.95MB: Win9x: By James Spyker & the 2x4 Group
Interested in Pi? There's a weird math fact about Pi and randomness, so this small program was written to explore it. See for yourself !
. And here's a website all about Pi maths
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..Tutorials & Links . ............. . Just a few links to Tutorials & some interesting sites . . .

Online Chaldean Numerology.

Based on Linda Goodmans book "Star Signs", the readings are quite comprehensive.You just enter; Name - Month - Day-number. Readings/definitions are for Single Number, Compound Number, Single Name, Compound Name, Magical Logic & calculation of 1 (one) number. There is a download for the stand-alone (Java) progam, but the link seems to be broken, however check it out in case there was a temporary hitch when I tried it. Author: Dean Bausch.

SpiritLink Tutorial Straightforward Numerology Tutorial.
Decoz Tutorial This is a large, mainly commercial site.But the Tutorial is access-free.
DIY Tutorial Tutorials for both beginners & .advanced, and free ESP Lessons. A very interesting site.
AskAlana Free Lessons. The individual.numbers are arranged into catagory meanings.
Number meanings Individual Number meanings - also Links to Numerology sites.
Chaldean & Pythagorean Numbers Information & explanations about both number systems..
Chaldean Numerology Specifically Chaldean Numerology & the number system.
Number Symbolisms
& Properties
This site lists the numbers from zero to 9999. The symbolisms are taken from religious & sacred texts and esoteric (gematria) meanings.Very informative for esoteric students.
Art Of Gematria Gematria - Hebrew numerology.
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  A word about Numerology. . .
About Numerology Every Numerologist tends to favour one system or method above another. So if you're undecided about a given number meaning or numerology system, or you're thinking of developing a system of your own, it can be helpful to review other interpretations & the tradition or belief they are based on.
Traditional Systems Bear in mind that traditional numerology systems have been studied & developed by many students over many years and thus attained an acknowledged validity.
However such students are usually well versed in the underlaying esoteric tradition from which the numbers have derived their meanings.
The "New Age" Systems The dawn of New Age occultism heralded openly publicised esoteric teachings - not a bad thing in my book.
However some divinatory/occult teachings claiming to be traditional or ancient have been put forward by those with insufficient knowledge of the original Wisdoms from which they sprang, and errors of misunderstanding have been (and are being) perpetuated. To 'update' a Traditional system you have to understand the Tradition! So if you feel drawn to such a system be aware of this.
Also be aware that The True Mysteries, like Real Magic, never have been nor ever will be commercial, they are spiritual pursuits.
Rather than adhere to Tradition, you may wish to do your own individual thing . . . .
The Individual System In the end, if you're going to work with numbers it's what they mean to you - how they 'speak' to you. If you're not happy with the principals or philosophy underlaying a numerology system, then you have the freedom to develope your own.
You might want to setup a research project and examine the numbers of specific groups; like bankers - barmaids - explorers etc. Or perhaps consider as a basis for your system,
any subject that has a stable & comprehensive structure (maths, music, quantum physics, chaos, astrology etc....), let it be something that you are very familiar with.
YOUR System . . . If you have developed a Numerology system or method that has proved itself workable, why not program it for the computer (or have someone else do it), preferably freeware!
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