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June 2004 Temple Cad v 0.1. Freeware

All programs will run on Windows 95/98/98se & usually on NT/2000/ME/XP unless otherwise stated
NOTE: Demo & evaluation programs should not expire. Please read brief reviews.
DOWNLOAD FF = Full Freeware__________Pagan

Dowsing Manual

FF: The manual states that it may be purchased, but .pdf copies appear to be free.
Download size: 227kb: PDF file: By Walter Woods.
PDF manual entitled "Letter to Robin" with a sub-title of A Mini-Course in Pendulum Dowsing. This one of the most structured and informative dowsing manuals I have seen. Over a period of more than 10 years the author developed a Multipurpose Dowsing System which eventually became rather too complex for beginners to understand, and so he wrote this 'booklet'. It is a learning tool for rank beginners yet also contains much that would be of value to seasoned dowsers. Includes a multi-purpose dowsing chart with straight-forward (and effective) instructions. Recommended.
3D Skrying 1.4 FF: 1.24MB: Win 95+: By Daniel Templeman. (A serious esoteric author.)
A rotating Skrying Ball appears when you run the program. Formulate a question to be answered then press Enter and an Archetypal animated Object will appear in the globe. Keyword meanings appear at the bottom of the screen. Beautiful graphics. Visit Daniels
website for more esoteric programs, free books/screen savers, Gallery, Gaming and Forum.

Book of Meanings

FF: 333kb: Win9x/NT4/Me/2000/XP. from Spirit Journey.
Straightforward basic information re. various methods of prediction. Opens a window with a selection of Subjects. Just choose the Subject and then select any Item pertaining to it, now click "Show Me" to display the meaning. This version currently has meanings for Star Signs, Runes and Tarot. Very basic but handy. The website has other (non-free) downloads for Astral Projection, Chakra Balancing & Psychic Developement etc.
Fortune FF: 224: Win9x: By Miroslav Nemecek
This is a Skrying Oracle, ask a yes/no type question then press any key - your answer magically appears in the crystal ball!
Dragon Oracle FF: 472kb: Win 9x:
The Famous Dragon Oracle compiled into a stand alone program. Opens a custom browser window where you cast a (real) coin five times. Click the programs Head/Tail button with each result, and then your fortune is automatically displayed in four life areas: Health, Wealth, Love & Lucky number.
AngelOracle Demo: 1.58MB: Win9x: The author of this Oracle is Ambika Wauters. Has'nt expired after 15 runs.
However the software was released by SoftTouch: (No expiry period given and no documentation with the program.)
Opens with a nag screen - run it in Demo mode. There are Five Spreads, Choose your Angels or let the pc choose. Includes Print & Save functions. Beautiful angels with sensitive interpretations.
...Download file is a .rar compression.
ShamanOf Ukraine2.0 FF: 633kb Winx: By Mykola Rudenko
Enter your question - meditate for a symbol - draw the symbol (with your mouse) on the screen provided & then press Answer. Includes a built-in internet search engine to seek for interpretations of Shaman's answers in case you need this extra help.
Ouija_Win FF: 3.25kb: Win9x: Ouija board with an Eye at the centre, click the Eye & it highlights random (or not so random...?) letters around the board, make a note of them.
CryptiqueScreenSaver FF: 1.98MB: WIN95x/ME/NT/2000/XP: Screen Saver: From Cryptique.com
Virtual ouija board - while the screen saver is active the planchette moves from letter to letter spelling out the sentence "Let the Spirit move you".
Spirit Writing FF: 368kb: Win9x:
Opens a full screen (black). Communicate with spirit beings or the departed. Similar to ouija, but there is no board. Let the mouse move wherever it will all over the screen and if you feel happy with a letter that appears, click the left button. Final message is displayed on next screen. Option to include a photo or other graphic to concentate on.
Book of Shadows FF: 1.57MB: Win9x: From K & S Enterprises
Very functional program that can be personalized with your Name or Craft-name and password protected to keep your information private. BOS has sections for Spells, Rituals, Recipes and Incense Recipes. Ideal for the computer-age wiccan!
Wicca-Cult FF: 2.09MB: Win3X (O.K. on Win98)
Animated & audio presentation about Wicca. Information is arranged similar to an FAQ.
Klatha Spellcaster V.iv
Winsite download page
Freeware: 3.78Mb: Win9x: By Neil Jamieson-Williams
NOTE: This is the FREEWARE (Lite) version (.iv): Although limited, it contains 20 complete spells; the Candle & Charmbag spells are for Christian or Pagan. Additionally there are 5 Household Spells & 3 InstaSpells. Enter & record your own spells plus Print them out.
VB-Moon FF: 7.54kb: Win9x:
Neat & simple desktop moon phase program. Enter any date, default is computer date.

The Lunar Calendar

If the download file attempts to Save As a .zip file, do not Save it - the program will not run. You don't have Java installed.

FF: 25.9kb: Win9x/XP/Mac/any OS with Java installed: Author Alexander Kolesnikov. May 2006.
Lunar Calendar and Planetry Calendar website
NOTE: By default Windows XP does not have Java installed. Explanation and instructions for installing Java can be found at the blog.

This is a stand-alone Java program which the author has developed from his popular online
Lunar Calendar. The interface and other features are an enhanced version of the web calendar, and there is an informative blog for user feedback, comments and discussion.

It features the Lunar Phases, Lunar Day, Void-Of-Course Moon, and the zodiac Moon-Sign. Each Lunar Day has a description based on the Moons condition which may be applied to activities such as gardening - writing - resting - hair-cutting - travelling - studying etc. However this is not a fortune telling program, it covers the full spectrum of our response to the condition of the Moon, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The author has an established background in astrology.
MoonFaze v2.0 FF: 54kb: Win3x/95/98 : Written in Turbo C.Author. Scott Baker
Opens a small dos window on the desktop. Calculates and displays the moon phase for any given date and location. Just enter Date, Time, Latitude & Zone, then select Display Phase. Simple to configure & run. Nice.


FF: 152kb: Windows 9x/NT4/2000. By daichi1.Visit Website for more info & possible updates.
Displays the Moon at it's current phase/age on the desktop and a moon icon in the system tray. Right -click to open the properties window to configure it.The Help file is'nt included but it's easy to use. The download is a compressed .lzh file, unzip the executable with AlZip and just double-click it to run the program, it dosen't need to install. Very informative and user-friendly.
MoonTool FF: 925.6kb: Win3/95/98: By John Hoerstemeier. Source Code available on website
(Based on the original MoonTool by John Walker). The program is a collection of functions to calculate the phases of the moon plus several astronomical and calendrical data connected to the Sun and the Moon. Additional to this is the Delphi component TMoon which shows the phase of the moon at a given date.
Neat & comprehensive program. Displays the Moons age, phase, distance & subtends. Other data depends on the location you enter, which can be edited. Options include, Julian date, UTC or Jewish Calendar. Program visibly updates every second.
MoonCalc v6.0 FF: 507b: Windows: By Monzur Ahmed
Very feature-rich program:- User customisable with lots of options including graphics. Close-up of moon showing craters and physical moon data; Starchart (Dec vs RA) showing sun & moon positions; Young moon visibility maps - any of 13 crescent sighting criteria can be applied; also eclipse and Hijri calendar tables. This is a program with extensive tablulated data - very thorough moon data/calculations.
Twilight FF: 1.2MB: Desktop Theme: Win9x: Originally from ThemeMagic, but no longer available there. Created by SyberGypsy from a picture by Edward Robert Hughes.
A young woman appears to be summoning fairies with a flute in the deepening twilight. The theme contains all Windows sounds, icons, cursors, logo screens and a screen saver.
Dusk Fairy FF: 849kb: Desktop Theme: Win9x: Originally from ThemeMagic. but no longer available there.This is a K.B. Grimshaw fairy by SyberGypsy. (non-animated)
Named Illumination, this is a beautiful fairy in a soft green light hovering on the right side of the screen - gentle & misty. Recommended ScreenSaver is "
In Fairyland" a slide show of Grimshaws fairies, and can be downloaded HERE (1.48MB)

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All programs will run on Windows 95/98/98se & probably on NT/2000/ME/XP unless otherwise stated
NOTE: Demo & evaluation programs should not expire. Please read brief reviews.

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DOWNLOADS FF = Full Freeware.______Western Mystery & Related Arcana
Temple Cad v1.0 FF: 231kb: Win9x-ME-2000-XP-NT: Author Katzmiff (June 2004)
This program has been created to assist the designing or recording of Temple (or Circle) layouts, including furniture & ritual items. It has two graphic Plans (grids), the Temple Plan (8 qtrs + centre) & the Altar Plan, and 60 'objects' for positioning on them. The Plans can be Saved or Printed as bitmaps &/or as text only. Also includes a Blank Plan which can be printed out, with areas for custom user entries. Program display Options are;
Temple Orientation (North, North East etc.) or Festival/Season (Beltane, Summer Solstice etc), or None. If Saved as text for the Temple Plan, this last option (None) is for a Custom Layout and uses the displayed NESW for any items placed in the 9 areas. Best screen resolution 1024x768. (800x600 crops the window size causing loss of the Options area).

October 30th 2005: Original program has a small error; a Fire image instead of an Earth image is displayed. The ammended file can be downloaded Here. First install the original program, then download the ammended file and re-name it 'TempleCad.exe' . Copy it into the TempleCad folder and allow it to overwrite the existing file. With thanks to Philip for spotting the glitch.
Magician's Kabblah FF: 269kb: Win9x: zipped pdf file: By FP . . . Recommended.
This is a guide to the hidden world of the Occultist. Contains 19 chapters covering the Sephira, Gematria, the Paths, the Curtain of Souls & more. It also includes details of the theories & practices of modern magic. (This is a valid reference manual for QBL studies)
QBLTreeColours v1.0 FF: 179kb: Win9x: (1997) By Robin Bohumil ...More programs at Robins website
If you are studying the Tree Of Life this program is a must-have.
The Tree has clickable Sephira & Paths for displaying the meanings (and any other data you choose to enter) in the righthand panel, this text can be edited and Saved. The Tree colours can also be edited/saved for any system you may be working on, and can be dragged around if you want to change them. The author has thoughtfully included the King scale & Queen scale colours - plus you can copy hex colours to your webpages for a Qabalisticly color-coded Website!
. Highly Recommended.
Space Temple FF: 5.3MBkb: Win9x & higher: Another program by Daniel Templeman
This is the updated 'Invocation' Virtual Temple. Now with the Space Temple & the Manor Temple. If you are familiar with Temple Work, or would like to be, this unique 3D program could be invaluable to you for practising Rituals or as a permanent Cyber Temple. You can move around in the Temple as you would Physically or in the Astral, customise your Rituals, and even display your own Invocations. Needed: DirectX 9.0b or above.
Also available for download are the
Qabalistic Gematria and Metaphysical Essays at the Sigil website . Good esoteric site, go there & see Daniels other software!
The Kybalion1.5.exe
download from Winsite.

The Kybalion 1.5.
pdf file.
Save to disk
FF: 1.20MB (exe) or 257kb (pdf): Win9x: e-book & pdf file: By Jeffrey Bryant Bishop. Recommended
" A Study of The Hermetic Wisdom of Ancient Greese & Egypt by the Three Intitiates "
Opens a custom browser to display an overview with the choice of using Adobe Acrobat or MS Agent. (
Briefly, certain Basic Hermetic Doctrines were passed from Teacher to Student, & they became collectively known as the "Kybalion", this e-book is a compilation of the Essential Hermetic Doctrines - curtesy of J B Bishop). More free esoteric e-books here.

Visual Enochian 1.0

FF: 1.59MB: Win9x: Another Robin Bohumil program. Visit the website. Recommended
The program displays eleven features of the Enochian System; the Elemental Tablets & sub-tablets, the Four Great WatchTowers, the Holy Table, the Enochian Alphabet, the Table of Union, the 48 Calls/keys, the 30 Aethys, and more..... Clear and concise graphics & user interface. The download Includes
ENOCHIAN.TTF which you should manually intall into your Windows\Fonts. Screen resolution 800x600 and higher.
Enochian System FF: 97.1kb: Dos, runs on Win3/9x: By Anthra-Andromda (Jim Stewart) Recommended
Opens a dos screen with mouse support.This program is used to determine the names of gods, kerubs, angels, intelligences, spirits, etc. which are associated with the 'Enochian Tablets'. It displays a graphic image of each individual tablet in full color. Along side the tablet is displayed the names associated with the highlighted areas of the tablet, left-click on a square of interest and the corresponding "spirit" name, along with all other associated names will appear in the list to the right of the tablet. Includes a Search function for words/names/numbers and also an Analyze function where you enter any word and it is processed according to the 'Enochian Gematria'.
All Enochian info! . . .
Ha Pethach FF: 510kb: Win9x: Daniel Templeman
"The Opening. An introduction to the Qabalah of the Gerim."
An introduction to the subject of Metaphysics, Magic and Mysticism. Contains text, many illustrations and a Creation Slideshow. More esoterica at the
Sigil website
Cheops Transfomer1.0
FF: 1.06MB: Win9x: By Hisham Abdel Wahab (Egypt Tourism Net)
See your name in Hieroglyphic (Ancient Egyptian). (Or transform any word for a talisman or other magical purpose).
Includes a window showing Egyptian numbers in hieroglyphics.

Cartouche Maker1.0

FF: 1.69MB: Win9x. Poss 2000/XP: By Tontin press. Visit Website.
1) Enter a name/text. Acceptable characters are a-z and spaces. (12 characters max.)
2) Select style. There are 9 styles to choose from.
3) When satisfied, copy to clipboard. Use output as wished.
Generates very nice graphical cartouches. Author says the translations are not accurate, so compare with output from the Cheops Transformer and judge/decide for yourself.
HieroGlyph Library 0.4a FF: 1.17MB: Win9x: By Simon Bedwell
Very informative and well presented; Glyphs plus ideograms & determinatives. It can be downloaded from download.com, but a recent attempt resulted in a bad file, so this download is from here. Although Freeware, the Author advises you to enter the following serial number to register it; BAD-513A
Hieroglyphic Translator
PDF - Right-click and choose Save to disk
FF: 26.5kb: Win9x: pdf file: By Kevin Fluery. (Private use only)
Phonetic sounds (constants, vowels, dipthongs etc.) with their Hieroglyphic equivalants.
Greek Myth Icons FF: 19.1kb: Win9x: By Indigo Kelleigh
12 deities from Greek mythology - Zeus, Apollo, Aphrodite, Ares etc. These icons are in two formats, 16x16 & 32x32. Beautifully done - small works of art.
Hebrew-Greek Alpha .gif FF: 8.91kb: This .gif opens in a new window. To save it; Right-click & choose Save to disk.
This is a table of Greek and Hebrew alphabetical equivalences. (i.e The Hebrew Cheth (value 8) = the Greek Eta).

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FF = Full Freeware.__________-Biorhythms - Other Esoterica - Fun stuff

Love Calculator

FF: 9.93kb: Winx:
Enter two names then click 'calculate'. The love/compatibility between the two persons is displayed as a percentage. The higher the percent the better!

Voodoo Doll

Unregistered Shareware: 16.4kb: Win9x: By Ian Firth. Won't expire - No limitations - No documentation (i.e: No means of registering it).
1) Click the base of the doll pic where it says, "unregistered..." & enter a name in the text box that appears.
2) Now click the button 'Vital Areas'. The body areas for 'cursing' will now become outlined.
3) Select one of the Good or Bad curses, there are 10 of each, and either the Good or Bad pin-button will become enabled - depending on the type of curse you have selected.
4) Click the (enabled) pin-button and click an area on the doll with your mouse.The mouse cursor will be a cross-hair. A pin will appear there.
5) When you click the button 'Effect Curse' the program will close with a confirmation message to put the curse into action.
There are eight outlined bodily areas to stick pins in, but you can stick the pins wherever you like.
This is a no-install program, just double-click the exe to run the program. To uninstall just delete the file.

Magic Cards

FF: 37.0kb: Win 9x: Run the program then think of number.
It guesses the number you thought of - by a process of deduction......


FF: 333kb: Windows:Small program /example of computer programming.
"70 pictures symbolising various states of mind...". You can scroll through all the expressions, or press the 'prognosis' button for a randomly generated expression that MAY match your mood, or the mood of someone you're thinking of !

Rhythm & Bio 2.1

FF: 1.59MB: Win9x: From Delemme
Minimum res: 800x600. Comprehensive - shows critical, double critical & treble critical days over 6 months or 6 Years or 30 years. Includes compatability with another person. Author advises checking for updated versions of this freeware.

BioW v2.31

FF: 16.3kb: Win3.x/95/98/ME/NT/2000: By Godovicyn Mihail
A straight forward Biorhythm program. Clearly presented & easily understood graph, which displays calculations from any date to any date with critical periods graphically shown in a composite format. Includes Print & Help. (I like this one)
An updated version (v3.15) in Russian is at the Authors website

Touch Wood 1.0

FF: 1.08MB: Win9x: By XemiComputers Ltd
This little program will sit in the systray so that you can 'knock on wood' whenever you feel like it. Options to change the trees/wooden objects that you knock on, use own knocks (wav.files), change background colours, time auto-closing, & launch on startup.


FF: 459kb: Win9x: From NetCent Communications
Joe sits at his Crystal ball by the light of a flickering candle. Ask a Yes/No question and he makes magic hand passes - the crystal glows..... a Yes/No answer appears.

Coligny Calendar

FF: 144kb: Win9x: By Ray White hackman
This calendar lists all the Annual Craft Dates and you can search/scroll through them from month-to-month, year-to-year. Also displays the Moon phase. Good program.

The Tonalamatl

FF: 45.1kb: Dos/Win9x: Author unknown. (Which is a shame. Lot's of work has gone into this).
A graphic representation of the Tonalamatl (Aztec calendar); the program runs under DOS but can be used from Windows as long as it's run in a full screen. Once the start date has been chosen, the screen presents three choices: "Calendar," "day," and "numbers, signs, and weeks.". It displays a one-month calendar with the days labeled by number and sign. At the left is the Aztec month and the god/goddess primarily honored in that month.

Mayan Calendar

FF: 179kb: Dos/Win9x: Author: Rosemary West
Use the astronomical knowledge of the ancient Mayans to convert a modern calendar date to
its Mayan equivalent (or vice-versa) with an astrological interpretation. Includes a brief
history of the Mayan calendar. Extract to a folder and doubl-click "mayan.exe". Opens a Dos window on the desktop. Easy to use.


FF: 1.57Mb: Win9x/XP: Visit the Website/Forum for more information and other similar projects.
This program uses the Luscher colors to access the personality, &/or temperament at the time of testing. The Luscher method is considered to have a high degree of accuracy... a "tried & tested" system.

Colour Test v2.0

and Here

FF: 10.3kb: Win95/98/98se: By Terry Wilkins.
If you like the program you are asked to consider registering it (1992)
Displays 8 colours, you choose each one according to your preference. Once completed you will get an analysis. Rather like a shortened version of the Luschner Colour Test.Good.


FF: 1.35MB: Win9x: I think this is a Fletch program
Instead of attempting to ESP the zenner cards, try these colours. There are six colours, can you fortell which one will be chosen next?

Zenner Test

FF: 3.98kb: Win9x: From Cosmo Soft Brasil.
Test your ESP with the Zenner Cards. This program displays 5 of the most commonly used (zenner) symbols; star, waves, square, circle and X. After each block of 25 guesses the program displays any hits you have achieved in percentage. You can reset/re-start at any time. Advice re. statistical calculations are in the Help. Very simple easy to use interface.

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..Tutorials & Links ......Just a few links....
Candle-lore Meditating and Visualizing with Colored Candles. 13 colours with their associated meanings.

Mayan Calendar

Online Mayan calendar (java applet), enter a date and click to convert. Also information on the Maya calendar.


Online Lunar and Planetary Calendar for the Time and Day of your visit. Six 'calendars' are displayed with interpretations for, The Lunar day, The Moons zodiac position, The Moons Phase, The Lunar Mansion, The Planetary Day, and The Planetary Hour. This is the site of Alexander Kolesnikov, established astrologer. It supports both English & Russian languages.
LavendarWater DOWNLOADS: Astrology - fairy magic - crowley etc. Many esoteric download links.
ScorpioSite DOWNLOADS: A number of direct esoteric downloads from here. (A few broken links)

Spell Components

This site lists Spell components suitable for a number of different purposes. By Berkanna DragonStar. (Good)
Sigil Free e-books DOWNLOAD E-Books: Gematria - SepherYetzira - Tao Te Ching - Ha Pethach, the Opening, an Intro to Quabalah of the Gerim - Shapeof Eden - Quabalah Treatise, the Metaphysical Eden and Metaphyical Essays by Daniel templeman. Plus More!
Online Readings Free online readings for nearly everything! Tarot, runes, acrophonlogy, numberQuest, Biorhythms, Oracle, i-ching & Allternate i-ching:
By The Hungarian Alchemist - Anikó J. Bartos
Online Reading (2) Free online readings for Runes - Tarot - Biorhythm - Numerology - I-Ching..more!
Alchemy Homepage Over 90 megabytes online of information on alchemy in all its facets. Articles etc. suitable for beginners to very advanced. Graphics & text of ancient (out of print/rare) alchemic tablets & books displayed - accompanied by essays/theories. Huge site, a must-see if you're into Alchemy. The Book of Lambspring page alone is worth the visit. Recommended
Egyptian Links Ancient Nile: Links plus Free Egyptian graphics, wallpaper, articles, music, etc
Ancient Egypt HotLinks here plus lots of info re. Egypt including Egyptian games.
Ten Dimensions Very interesting - Cabalah and the String Theory
Golden Dawn Manuscript The Cipher Manuscript: Foundation document of the Golden Dawn. This site contains 56 Folios with details of The Golden Dawn set-up. Their Degree system etc.
Classic Works This webpage has DOWNLOADS and Links re. classic works by Esoteric Authors. Free Manuscripts - books etc: Occult, Magical and Spiritual.
Qabalah Site Tutorial on the Sephira, the Path & their associations. Includes Astrology.
The Ineffable Ten A geometric model for a universal grand unified theory. A thought-provoking, interesting thesis based on kabbalistic principles with beautifully done explanatory and meditation graphics. By Simon Yeger
Tree Of Life Site This site has impressive pics - QBL plus Egyptian info. Please wait for pics to load.
Tree Of Life - Hebrew Very good Tutorial - authentic.
Witchvox Large witchcraft resource.
Gnostic Oracle Covern This is the Links Page - part of a Pagan WebRing. Scroll down the page for the Links
Cymry Withchcraft Home Page WELSH FAERIE WITCHCRAFT plus Other Traditions: Astrology links: Other sitelinks: Wheel of the Year: Welsh/English names & sabbat ritual: Miscellaneous festivals: Celtic Info.
Moon Info Dedicted Moon site, has links to other Lunar sites.
MetaEsoterica Site Info & Tutorials on, all esoteric subjects. Tarot, kabblah, astrology, tantra, symbols, runes, magick, alchemy, satanism, chaos, ceremonial magic, gnostic texts. Enochian, Theosophy, Thelma, etc.
Magical Links Full listing of links to magical sites.
Palmistry Tutorial Complete online Palmistry Tutorial here.
Fractals & Alchemy Freeware DOWNLOADS of fractal ScreenSavers and Programs.
Magical Alphabets Freeware DOWNLOADS of Magical Alphabet Fonts: Theban - Pictish - Pecti-Wicca runes - Furthark Dagger Script - Enochian - Angelic / Celestial - lots more. By Fuzzypeg.
Esoterism Listing of other Esoteric Sites on the net. Includes site search.
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