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There are very few software programs in this catagory,
especially Free ones. But on with the

Druid Lore from Dravidia
A great many text file downloads re. Druids at this site.
Author also has pagan, wicca & qabalah text file downloads.
A well put together site. Webpage opens in a separate window.

Dravidias Druidfiles

Celtic Knots3D v 3.3 2.21MB: By Steve Abott

  • This program download includes the VB6 runtime files
  • Examine &/or create custom Celtic knotwork, or just use/modify the 11 Knots included with the program.
  • Grid foundation with 2D & 3D display - Rotate knots - Swish them, Smooth them, Stretch them etc. Lots of options to play around with.
  • Colour them & Save them as a .bmp or a 3D file.
  • Much more info about Celtic Knots at Steves site plus a Free Screen Saver & link to a Celtic Tutorial Site.
    At March 2006: an updated version (3.42a) is at Steves site.

DOWNLOAD4 Celtic Knots3D v3.3

Also check out the Entrelacs website for an online Celtic Knot Tutorial, where you can, if you wish, download it (the complete Site!). Plus there's a Free poster (.pdf). This site supports both English & French Languages.

Celtic Crosss Stitch patterns from Aon-Celtic

  • 7 patterns can be downloaded as .gifs or .pdf files
  • Eternity Knot Border - Trinity Knot Border - Claddagh Design
    Celtic Cross - Triangle Knot Border - Spiral Border - Kells Bird.
  • The patterns may be used for cross stitch, needlepoint, beadwork...pretty much anything that follows a chart!
    Included also is a key for the symbols in DMC thread colors, that you may use if you wish, or you can make up your own.

DOWNLOAD FROM 4 Aon-Celtic Website

Ogham Fonts By Curtis Clark, free for personal use

  • Beth-Luis-Nion (BLN.TTF)
  • Beth-Luis-Fearn (BLF.TTF)

DOWNLOAD4 Ogham Fonts

Celtic Fonts Originally from Daven. (Davens Journal)

Ogham Master1.0 By Ole Gabrielsen, was shareware now FREEWARE

  • Win9X: All characters are displayed, just click for their meanings
  • Select New from the menu & enter your name & question. Three
    characters are displayed, interpretation includes the nature & meaning
    of the ogham letters plus the Mental, Physical & Spiritual meanings
    as applied to you.
  • If it doesn't install properly.... easy to fix, just means you have
    to do a wee bit of manual manuovering. Download this text
    file - it won't take a moment - it explains step-by-step. And there's
    only 3 steps of actual manuovering ! . .OghamFix.zip
  • Ogham Master1.0 1.6MB

Online Ogham Oracle at Voice of the Woods

  • Think of your Question then enter it in the box provided.
    Click 'Consult the Ogham'. You get 3 Ogham Letters plus Interpretation.
    HERE to open the Oracle in a new browser
    window, or click below to go there.

Online Ogham Oracle

Create your own Ogham Card deck at AltReligion

Download MSWord docs to print the staves for creating your own deck.
This page has a nice clear table of meanings for the Ogham characters.

Alternative Religions

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ CELTIC LINKS ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
  • Online Dictionary. Everything you may have wanted to know about Druids & their origins. This site also has pics/images.
  • Druid Home. Personal info/lore about Druidry. Includes links to other druid sites.
  • House Shadow Drake Celtic Traditions in the British Isles.
    Listed info of 'celtic' terms and meanings in England, Ireland Scotland & Wales. A whole hodge-podge of things are lumped together under the word CELTIC. This site clarifys what is, and what is'nt "Celtic".
  • BlueRoebuck Info on each of the Ogham characters plus Free download of an Ogham Font.
  • AltReligion. Celtic Symbols. Black & white celtic symbols to download. Click on a thumbnail to view larger pics plus info. on the uses and meaning of the symbols. Lots of symbol info at this site; ancient (Druidic), Christian, and modern Pagan/ Druid symbols. (Thanx for this link Jason)
  • Glenavalon Celtic Ogham Runes - Online Ogham Rune-cast
    Cast your own Staff of Runes. A pop-up window displays your cast.
  • Celtic Astrology. Fully researched information on Celtic Astrology (Specifically the Ogham characters). This highly informative article is entitled "The Fabrication of 'Celtic' Astrology" by Peter Beresford Ellis:
    Primarily, it explains & refutes the the zodiac Tree Alphabet which Robert Graves introduced in his book The White Goddess (1946), without any denigration of its author. If you would like to know the origins and meaning of the authentic original Ogham characters this is the site for you. Strongly Recommended
  • Aon-Celtic Celtic web graphics: Shields, horses, dragons etc. Really nice.
  • Csupomona Information re. the Trees & Ogham characters.
  • klyfonline Celtic Tree Calendar with Traditional, Neo-pagan & Celtic Moon phases & runes etc.
  • WordGumbo The Irish Ogham is compared with the Celtic and Indo-European Oghams.
  • CelticWicca A very informative site; Celtic Gods, Pantheons, Celtic Tree Calendar, Cerridwen,Cernunos, and Celtic Astrology.
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