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2013 Chinese Horoscope - Year of the Black Water Snake

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All programs will run on Windows 95/98/98se & usually NT/2000/ME unless otherwise stated
NOTE: Demo & evaluation programs will not expire.

DOWNLOAD FF = Full Freeware....
I-Ching Diviner FF: 740kb: Win9x: From Daniel Templeman
Originally shareware, now freeware. "Feng Shui friendly Divination program with a simple layout and line by line interpretation of the sixty-four Hexagrams from the highly regarded IChing, or Book of Changes. Reliable random casting, a seperate copy of the complete Text and an opportunity to self-interpret". Visit Daniels
SITE for other esoteric programs.
Geomancy FF: 511kb: Win 9x: French author, program is adaptable for French, English & Portugese. If you are already familiar with Geomancy this is a useful program to have. Be sure to unzip to a directory of your choice, or winzip will install it to Windows/Temp.
Chinese Horoscope FF: 416kb: Win9x/2000: Creates a complete Chinese Horoscope chart based on your birth time. The chart includes over 100 celestial objects and arranges them for your birth, the current decade, and the current year. The chart displays in traditional Chinese characters. Runs on any Win2k/32 machine.
FengShui Helper

Winsite Download page.
DF: 824kb: Win 9x: (Listed at Winsite as Freeware. However, no limitations, won't expire.) The Luo Pan is used to determine the flow of Qi and the orientation of buildings, rooms and furniture. With this program you can chart your house & rooms according to feng shui. Two clicks & you're done!
Kua Number Generator FF: 1.36M: Win9x: (Updated download link 2005): By Arun Nair
From your birth year it generates your Kau number, your Harmonious Directions and your Luckiest Elements, Colours & Objects. It displays a 'Good Direction map' on the pa' kua grid and also includes a career tip!
Four Pillars 95
Winsite Download page.
FF: 1.57MB: Winx: 'ZiPing' is one of the main branches of Chinese Astrology, the other one being 'ZiWeiDouShu'. This program builds the 'Four Pillars of the Destiny' and generates a Life Reading document. Deals with both Lunar and Solar Chinese calendar.
I-Ching Abacus FF: 284kb: Win9x: The program opens showing a large calculator - just enter a number (or sum) and an i-ching reading is generated & displayed in the top half !
FengShui for
Home & Office
FF: 20.3kb: Win95/98/NT: By Robert & Cecil Lee: Based on Simple Eight House and Numerology Analysis. The program calculates & displays:- Suitable Home or Office areas and a Numerology Readings for User entered 'profiles'. The Chinese Lunar date of birth should be entered to generate the Reports. Please use the online web reports for accurate/up-to-date asssessments. Nice program with a tiny 'bug' which says"Disaster" in one of the GOOD 'houses'. NOTE: unzip into a FOLDER, the program spawns a database file.
FengShuiCalculator FF: 1.67MB: Win9x: By Master On Hing Tong: Based on principals of the Chung Chow Pie school of Yuen Houng.
1) On Sing = 9 Flying Stars Dragon;
Pie Lung = Arrange Dragon;
(3) Shout Shan Cut Sad = Collect energy to disperse evil.
It calculates the Flying Star Charts, 3.5° Replacement Charts, Annual Flying Stars, Monthly Flying Stars, and Ming Gua.
Any download problems please search at

FF: 3.5MB: MSdos: E-King: This compact MS-DOS computer program removes some of the initial hurdles for those who are not familiar with the I Ching & is an excellent tool for further research.Opens a window on the desktop of Win9x.
FF: 153kb: MSdos:
Versafile: A database tool, used by E-King to maintain an archive of the I-Ching readings. (This software is now offered as freeware)
Tao Te Ching FF: 29.6kb: MSdos: Opens a dos window on the desktop (Win9x) with lines from the Tao. It starts with Chapter 1, and gives you the next chapter each time you come back. If you put a shortcut in Start/Programs/StartUp this will run every time you boot your pc.
9 Star Ki
FF: 215kb: Win9x: By Sonia Hirsch a Brazilian author. Her books and this software are in Portuguese. She writes numerous books, which include Macrobiotic natural healing, the 5 Transformations of Energy and Nine Star Ki. The program is intuitive to use if you have some knowledge of 9 Star Ki - a page at 9StarKi.com has an english translation of the menu commands & several other words, you could download the .htm for offline use.

NJStar Calendar 1.2
FF: 665kb: Win9x: Neat little month display calendar that minimises to the systray & maximises to display half a year. It's a Bi-directional Western & Lunar calendar covering the years 1901 - 2100, including Chinese lunar holidays, 24 "JieQi", & lunar dates etc. in English & Chinese characters. Converts between Solar & Lunar at a click.
Simtel.net has the shareware version 2.2)
Aceana 2001 Freeware Demo: 1.44Mb: Win9x: Software for Bonsai lovers. Store & record your stock, their most favourable planting/growing positions, watering, general care etc. Program lists the care of 5 trees/species - more in the registered version. Won't expire.
BasicFengShui Flying Star Calculator v1.0.2 FF: 1.68MB: Win9x: Scott Ransom's elegantly simple program calculates the Flying Star chart including Annual Stars. The program now also offers a print function.
Also check
this website for program updates.
.. ..
Volume1 3.12MB
5 Element & Plum Flower Method
FF: Win9x:.Ray Langley's Freeware FENG SHUI for Windows TRIOLOGY
These three software programs include aspects of Yi Jing and Traditional Chinese Feng Shui. The calculations are precise & screens are displayed in High-Resolution Graphics.

The first Volume (1) is prerequisite for the operation of Volumes (2) and (3)

Ray Langley moderates forums and has an e-group at Yahoo, here's his
An alternate download for Volume1 is from this
WEBPAGE plus more info on the three programs and their installation.

If the download links for volumes 2 & 3 fail please contact Ray Langley about his software. Katzmiff.

Volume2 72.3kb
The Compass School
Volume3 21.6kb
Advanced Feng Shui
TrueTypeFonts FF: 149.7kb: Win True Type Fonts: Chinese Characters and Bagua Trigrams.The ZIP file contains six fonts, each containing a set of the hexagram names in a different style of writing:- printing, handwriting, square, round, thin, etc. The file "fonts.rtf" contains a list of these, with the proper key for each character. Author: Harmen Mesker
Tao Desktop Theme FF: 1.41MB: Windows with Plus!:
Tao Desktop Theme. It's displayed at the top of this page.
Feng Shui Screensaver FF: 187kb: Win9x +: Mystifying Flying 3-D Bagua Cubes will fill your computer and room with positive Feng Shui. Well, that's what they say.....
Zen Garden FF: 120kb: Win9x: You know those little table top sandboxes you can buy that come with stones and a tiny rake? You can rid yourself of stress by artfully placing the small stones and raking patterns into the sand. This is Zen Garden for the desktop - although it probably won't relieve you of stress.... just a bit of fun. (James Spyker and the 2x4 Group)

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9 Star Ki Tutorial Online Tutorial, also free to download.
Intro to 9 Star ki Information / explanation of Nine Star Ki
9 Star Numbers Online explanation of your 9StarKi Birthdate Numbers
Feng Shui Articles Lots of listed Feng Shui Articles. Free to download.
Feng Shui Info. Elements - FlyingStarChart - Gua Number - Animals - Pillars chart - Xuankong, and an FAQ!
Bad Feng Shui! All about WHAT IS WRONG with the way people are promoting and selling Feng Shui.
Super I-Ching This is the Alex Chiu website, richly featured with a FULL FREE online Tutorial which you are advised to print out as your studies proceed. There are pages of charts, colours, Chinese Calendar (Inc. date conversion) and lots more, plus a Forum and an on-line version of the I-Ching Generator which was originally a software program with SuperIChing Forum & Calendar links.
Feng Shui Colours & Directions Just what it says - a webpage about the colours and directions of Feng Shui.
Feng Shui Tips Tips - ideas - information.
Feng Shui LINKS LOTS of links - plently to browse through, and also Macrobiotics.
Feng Shui SOFTWARE Mainly shareware - but nice to know what's out there.
Chinese Astrology Feng Shui, IChing, 9Star Ki, 4 Pillars, 5 Elements etc.
IChing Meditations An illustrated poetic interpretation of the I-Ching, with hyperlinked hexgrams.
IChing - in depth In depth articles/approaches and Online Readings. Some familarity with IChing needed.
Click here to access the lastest Website of I Ching Plus (May2003)
IChing Wisdom Advanced ideas & Insights: Excerpts from the Electronic Book of Wisdom. (Richard Wilhelm). Fractals, trigrams, hexagrams, cylindrical time, the Five Agents etc.
New IChing A new arangement of iching geometry
I-Ching (Yi Jing) Full text Richard Wilhelm's text in British English. (Upadated). Hexgrams -ink drawing etc.
Classic Tao The Internet Classics Archive: The Tao-te Ching By Lao-tzu, translated by James Legg. Opens a text-only page (printable version).
Aztec Calendar Not Chinese but very interesting site. Info re. the Aztec Calendar (Solar year, 13-day period, and Day) plus Aztec links.
Chinese Calendar Yep... the Chinese Calendar.
Charms & Spells Chinese Charms and Magic Spells
I-Ching & The Tarot Reading the I Ching with a Tarot Deck. Author R. T. Gault
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